MAKING $3,000 Fixing A CHEAP Nissan Xterra *It's FINISHED*

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I bought a 2006 Nissan XTerra for $750 with a bad transmission. In the last video we swapped it out for a working transmission and got it back on the road. Today we're going to finish up all the little odds and ends I wanted to do to the Xterra and get it out the door. I didn't realize how much 2nd gen Xterra's sell for when I originally bought it so I was pretty surprised when I found it out will easily bring $4,000 and I have less than $1,000 in the truck.
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Where can I keep up with you off the bike?
Instagram: WatchJRGo
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Do you go to school? College, for 2 classes.
Why do you ride so dangerously? What do mean? I was doing 25.
Do you go to the track? Of course, hopefully there will be videos in the future.
Do you play video games? No, but I might stream N64 Goldeneye at some point. Twitch: WatchJRGo
Are you afraid the police will watch your videos and arrest you? Something something evidence something something warrants and due process of law
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Thomas Haas
Thomas Haas 4 ditë më parë
Well here is your 300,001st lol
Tristan B
Tristan B 18 ditë më parë
You sold it for 4,000!? I have that exact car but black and almost every major problem like transmission, fuel gauge, Cadillac converters ect all fixed and replaced. I was thinking I would only get 1k for her!!
Nick Motsarsky
Nick Motsarsky 18 ditë më parë
It's easy to make money on a flip when everyone just sends you all the parts that you need for free..
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia 19 ditë më parë
Where do you get all your remotes from?
WatchJRGo 18 ditë më parë
eBay or Amazon 🍻
Jeremiah D
Jeremiah D 22 ditë më parë
Where do you buy the BG products? Like EPR,MOA and 44k because I can’t find it anywhere!
Faisal Nizar
Faisal Nizar 26 ditë më parë
You look like lewandowski
Scott Fridley
Scott Fridley Muaj më parë
Have you sold this yet? Is it still available?
Joe Lopez
Joe Lopez Muaj më parë
Cars should also have a fire extinguisher
Johnny picachuku
Johnny picachuku Muaj më parë
You need to get hid lighting for your vehicles or led..
72drowssap Muaj më parë
Any chance you can take care of the timing chain guide whine before you sell it? Only $100 in parts with a good amount of labor but your buyer will be purchasing a well sorted out Xterra.
J G Muaj më parë
I remember changing out the fog lights on my XTerra. Simply added KC off road lights to the front steel bumper lol.😆
maverick Muaj më parë
How do u get these cars so cheap?
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Muaj më parë
Front fog lights are overrated.
Tom Bittikoffer
Tom Bittikoffer Muaj më parë
Tom Bodett is coming for ya.
Richard jurczak
Richard jurczak Muaj më parë
Can you get a camera man or a tripod. I'm tired of getting dizzy from you holding the camera
Michael Sykes
Michael Sykes Muaj më parë
Great video Jr, really like the contentand the progression of the shop! Looking forward to more videos!
Scott Holder
Scott Holder Muaj më parë
Just need to donate that one to someone. I had a 2010 (that Duncan found in the salvage yard) that I really miss. They are great vehicles. Wish I could get yours from you!
pkt1213 Muaj më parë
I wish Audi made it that easy to add remotes.
Clay KN4NIL Muaj më parë
Hear my victory! 🤣
Luke Scott
Luke Scott Muaj më parë
Where do you like to get your remotes?
James Weaver
James Weaver Muaj më parë
Dekoth-OGN Muaj më parë
So again..where are you listing this? I'm interested. I desperately need a new vehicle capable of towing and I've always wanted one of these and that thing is far better than anything around here for the same money.
MassiveTrackHunter Muaj më parë
Man that is an easy way to program remotes!!
James Isenhour
James Isenhour Muaj më parë
I can't remember where I found it but there was a trick to bypass the light relay and allow the fog lights to turn on without the headlights.
Greg Williams
Greg Williams Muaj më parë
Buy more of these plz. (Xterras)
Lino Vieira
Lino Vieira Muaj më parë
Make shure you check the hub bearings they always fail on the Xterras around the 150000 miles
Chris Estill
Chris Estill Muaj më parë
I installed the fog light kit in my wife’s ‘07 a few months ago. I only needed to undo the front edge of the wheel liners to install on the ground. No jacks or lift. It did set off the airbag warning light for some reason. The reset sequence failed to work and code says it’s the front sensor. There is a recall on them, so going to try that route.
Steven Mccullough
Steven Mccullough Muaj më parë
Thanks for the fun JRGo, very satisfying to see the XTera return to 100% sorted.
Pete's Things
Pete's Things Muaj më parë
I just worked on my friends 2004 Xterra w/ 155k kms and it had never had the fuel filter changed. It made such a big difference to performance!
Vogel Stern
Vogel Stern Muaj më parë
Today on watch JRGo hood and trunk strut channel...
Cc Smith
Cc Smith Muaj më parë
Cool project. 👍
Jon Deeb
Jon Deeb Muaj më parë
My Mazda 6 also has the connector but doesn’t have fog lights. It should be easy but I can’t put a fog light switch in cuz I might ruin it 😂
SmokeyMcPiEcE Muaj më parë
JR loves his new hood/trunk struts
Chad Riddle
Chad Riddle Muaj më parë
300k wow I remember the almost 100k days
Netherlands031 Muaj më parë
Nice fix, but am I the only one who doesn't like this beautify face filter?
D brandon
D brandon Muaj më parë
Love the sound of new struts
Calvin Lindberg
Calvin Lindberg Muaj më parë
Congrats on the 300K Subscribers
Eric Hylkema
Eric Hylkema Muaj më parë
some how i like your vids but i dont like you sry, not a hater. please keep making content
Albertico Hernandez
Albertico Hernandez Muaj më parë
I wanna buy that Xterra
Glenn Dorzok
Glenn Dorzok Muaj më parë
i usually can't stand your one handed mechanicing but doing it blind adds a whole nother dimension that makes it.....interesting.
eddy Mahon
eddy Mahon Muaj më parë
Wow I have so much respect for you. There is no harder working dude on ALpost and I know you have a spectacular life ahead. You deserve it. Love your channel.
jrmason Muaj më parë
Nice job on the 300K subscribers! How about doing an new radio with Bluetooth and adding steering wheel controls? It's pretty easy. The clock spring has the extra wiring support and while yes you do need to pin it the same pins are in the plugs you remove with the old cruise control switches. You may have to re-pin the kits from the 'net but that's pretty easy. Just look at the existing for cruise and horn. The other pins really don't mater in placement as long as you do the backside of the wheel in the same way. A multi meter is a great way to determine it. If you put in a Sony radio you can essentially wire the three wires you get from the steering wheel switches right to the pigtail from the Sony. The Sony radio has fully programmable SW configurations. I just did my conversion on my '07 Frontier the other day finally. Works great! Autolights would work if you put in the dash sensor in the top of the dash. There might be a pigtail there for it. You need to turn it on though with the scan tool. Have a good one! -Jon
Edward H
Edward H Muaj më parë
When are we getting the next Aztek video
David Culmer
David Culmer Muaj më parë
It’s a Nissan. Why bother? Modern day Trabants.
Shawn Lipka
Shawn Lipka Muaj më parë
Does the auto light function work too!?
David Bryant
David Bryant Muaj më parë
I want to buy it.
A.J. W.
A.J. W. Muaj më parë
You know the hatch struts are good when it makes the suspension bob when it's opened. Never gets old seeing you replace them lol
Anom Amos
Anom Amos Muaj më parë
One of the times you should really be wearing safety glasses is removing clips like these. I have a small scar under my eye from when one kinda exploded, the spot I was prying on just flew off and got me.
Al T
Al T Muaj më parë
maxx pow... it sounds like a bad simpsons ep
Kohl Gray
Kohl Gray Muaj më parë
My dad has one of these and he never let me buy it, ever since been tryna find one and here you are with one😂 goodluck with it, it's a great truck
Mannina90 Muaj më parë
your intro should be "this is* WatchJRGo
Jeffrey Brown
Jeffrey Brown Muaj më parë
it's just too awkward
Dominic Groomer
Dominic Groomer Muaj më parë
He always has on the same clothes
Tony Cash
Tony Cash Muaj më parë
Big 300!
bitterfriction Muaj më parë
Did anyone notice in the beginning how he tried to cut the box of struts straight down the side then the scene cut to him opening the box properly? 😂 😂 😂
George Del Toro
George Del Toro Muaj më parë
I love Exterra II had a 2006 and loved it. Sorry I had to get rid of it. It just need engine work. Never had any issues other than replacing a battery and tires and a brake job. Had 90k mile. It ran great..
Zimm’s VW Garage
Zimm’s VW Garage Muaj më parë
I had a 2004 xterra. They are good cars
jrbbikerx jrbbikerx
jrbbikerx jrbbikerx Muaj më parë
How can I buy this vehicle?
Mike's 84 Corvette
Mike's 84 Corvette Muaj më parë
"Stubby Phillips" sounds like the name of a country and western singer.
ytaliasid Muaj më parë
For the love of god, please invest in a tripod!
earnest p. worrell
earnest p. worrell Muaj më parë
"I had a massive jet ski accident but I had a first aid kit in my Corvette". First world problems demand first world solutions.
Jason Bucher
Jason Bucher Muaj më parë
Can usually just crank wheel over all the way, unclip/bolt the wheel well liner and sneak the arm in to get to the light assemblies - save those minutes:)
Christopher Allison
Christopher Allison Muaj më parë
Good to see you giving this ole girl another chance at life. Ive had my '05 since 2007 and she's always been reliable.
Dabodizafa Muaj më parë
The backside of your knife is sharper than the blade side of 100% Jake's knife. (I just gave you the perfect B-day gift idea!)
Joanna Atkins
Joanna Atkins Muaj më parë
ALpost algorithm comment
Scott Wenger
Scott Wenger Muaj më parë
A WatchJRGo Tradition? Hatch Struts!!!
The Cool Club
The Cool Club Muaj më parë
where did you buy the extra remote for the Xterra???? thanks! alex
GT-R lover
GT-R lover Muaj më parë
Dude seriously thanks because I didn't know that this is how you put a fog light in a car that doesn't have them 👍👍👍
Ram Francisuk
Ram Francisuk Muaj më parë
300K nice
Pops Smith
Pops Smith Muaj më parë
Xterra’s are great, I have an old 2005, it’s quick and goes everywhere. There are a few first gens around town that look brand new still
Jay Roy
Jay Roy Muaj më parë
300 000 k subscribers !!!
Vic Phillipson
Vic Phillipson Muaj më parë
Congratulations on 300,000 subs!
bgtx Muaj më parë
Now go get a 4Runner.
docgiggles130 Muaj më parë
Use vice grips on the other bad strut when you pull the first one off. No need to hold the tailgate up with a jack or even your shoulder. That’s what I do every time I need to replace them. Nice, safe, easy, and quick.
Paul Harris
Paul Harris Muaj më parë
Oh man.. Leave the packing in the car and charge 4500.00
Bob Stroud
Bob Stroud Muaj më parë
I learned something about driving in fog. Turn the instrument lights off (dash), and be amazed at how much better you can see the road. Oh, and SLOW DOWN, N.E.OH Bob
Wilson Laidlaw
Wilson Laidlaw Muaj më parë
I fondly remember when this channel used to make interesting videos, rather than garage construction and fixer uppers on elderly school run trucks. 30 minutes on headlight cleaning, really? What next - 2 hours on tyre paints for 1990's Dodge mini vans?
funkierfawn21 Muaj më parë
It looks that first-aid kit was empty idk :D
Officer 425
Officer 425 Muaj më parë
Anyway to to find your posting to purchase
QALibrary Muaj më parë
Well done on the 300k next step is one million and gold play button
P Ama
P Ama Muaj më parë
How many miles does it have? Is it for sale
Riley Potter
Riley Potter Muaj më parë
How you only have 300,000 subs with this kind of content you come out with is insane! Can't wait to see you grow even more!
Frontmaster 25
Frontmaster 25 Muaj më parë
That ignition lock after 9 months🤰
Frontmaster 25
Frontmaster 25 Muaj më parë
You can say “new transmission”. You put a USED TRANSMISSION in it.
still Living
still Living Muaj më parë
We never really got to see this rig driven, would nice to see her rolling.
Richard A
Richard A Muaj më parë
Real mechanics just clip a vise grip onto the shaft of one of the bad struts - locks the hatch firmly in the up position. Then you can work with both hands on the other side. Then switch if necessary and repeat. Much, much safer and easier, too.
Nick Loss
Nick Loss Muaj më parë
anybody with a GM or dodge should be pissed at how easy it was to replace that multifunction switch
TK Skagen
TK Skagen Muaj më parë
"Technically" those are Driving Lights... FOG Lights have an Amber/Yellow Bulb to "cut" through the FOG "a bit"...
Miguel Luna
Miguel Luna Muaj më parë
Love it!
Joshua Graham
Joshua Graham Muaj më parë
That’s a steal for $4,000!!!
E. 1981
E. 1981 Muaj më parë
Wow, over here the first aid kit is compulsory
ItJustScythe on Twitch
ItJustScythe on Twitch Muaj më parë
Bro I would buy that right now
DerEisbaer Muaj më parë
vice grips (locking pliers) worked well on some of the struts I changed. Helps to keep the hood or trunk open, while you are changing the second one.
James Nasto
James Nasto Muaj më parë
That snap in light switch with the fog light setting and lights auto on/off is a nice feature and is much easier than removing the wheel and clock spring. It definitely pays to go OEM on a fog light kit.
SamEricEdge Muaj më parë
You should have been a brain surgeon. One handed brain surgeon.
VanisleNSX Muaj më parë
300K, One million by Christmas!
Flies2FLL Muaj më parë
Can you change your intro? You show a sport bike, but everything about your channel is cars. Also, look at Project Farm's videos: He has a short verbal introduction; Your musical introduction is long and stupid. Car Wizard has the same issue. When I click on your video, I want to see your VIDEO, not music. Keep up the GREAT work!
Nah Muaj më parë
Easier than adding fog lights to my Tundra, had to take the steering wheel off to swap the stalk
Yellow Hammer Garage
Yellow Hammer Garage Muaj më parë
People really don't understand the value in these, I've saw the insides of the RE5R05A and they are actually robust, just an error (or possible money grab) from the engineers at Nissan by have the trans line and radiator connected. Nice to see someone who appreciates them!
Charlotte Andor
Charlotte Andor Muaj më parë
300k??? Only the real og remember jumping a caviler.
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