I Got SCAMMED Buying This Air Powered Can Crusher On AMAZON

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Things you didn't know you needed... well, I knew I needed it. I needed some type of epic can crusher for the warehouse to deal with the massive piles of cans building up on my metal recycling pile. I found exactly what I needed on Amazon but accidentally bought it from an Amazon to Amazon arbitrage scheme that took me for $80 with the worlds worst return policy, instead of the $20 no one would bat an eye at. If you're gonna arbitrage at least try to hide it and don't do it in a scammy way. Anyway, air powered can crushers are amazing, can't wait to recycle a million cans.
Air Powered Can Crusher (non-scam price): amzn.to/3eh3tYx
MERCH: shopWatchJRGo.com
Shop Motul: motul.com
Common Questions:
What motorcycle do I ride? A few. Ducati 1198, Honda Goldwing, Honda Grom, Honda Ruckus
What do I do for a living? Make ALpost videos.
Can you wheelie? No, I suck.
Are you fast? Sort of. I suck mostly though.
Where can I keep up with you off the bike?
Instagram: WatchJRGo
Facebook: WatchJRGo (or JRGo, FB hates my branding)
Do you go to school? College, for 2 classes.
Why do you ride so dangerously? What do mean? I was doing 25.
Do you go to the track? Of course, hopefully there will be videos in the future.
Do you play video games? No, but I might stream N64 Goldeneye at some point. Twitch: WatchJRGo
Are you afraid the police will watch your videos and arrest you? Something something evidence something something warrants and due process of law
#AmazonScam #Amazon #Workshop

brokenhaloking 2 ditë më parë
It's a shame that in England or at least the part of England I'm from we're told not to crush cans
Eric d
Eric d 2 ditë më parë
a air power can Crusher i saw it all on here by now. but cool
Star Rider
Star Rider 3 ditë më parë
"Hurt Feelings Warning"....lol. Should come on soooooo many things these days....Elections, Online Dating sites, any News channel, etc., ad nauseam...:)
Kevin Sellsit
Kevin Sellsit 3 ditë më parë
Interesting that you used a tape measure to measure 7.400 inches ... since the tape measure is not marked in tenths. 25/64 would get you in the ballpark, or 13/32. Maybe you didn't measure 7.4 inches and that is why it was to long.
David Natale
David Natale 3 ditë më parë
Pretty sure I got diabetes from watching this video.
John Doe
John Doe 5 ditë më parë
Yeah, you definitely got scammed. Watch this: alpost.infooD7VpQ12MLQ?feature=share
Russell Williams
Russell Williams 5 ditë më parë
So in other words you don't know how Amazon works LOL I just clicked on the top one it was the most searched LOL you got what you paid for so let's make a ALpost video out of it try to collect as much coin as I can LOL good for you
B G 5 ditë më parë
Wanna know what JR looks like when he's being serious ? Look at Gabe 😆😆
kingofl337 6 ditë më parë
Piston Diam x psi = lbs of force
Andy Zolman
Andy Zolman 6 ditë më parë
My Grandpa had the ultimate can crusher. He had an exhaust valve from a freighter engine. It was so fun to smash cans with a ridiculous size valve, worked well too.
Keith Edginton
Keith Edginton 6 ditë më parë
Needs a foot switch
Cameron Fisher
Cameron Fisher 6 ditë më parë
Polished Turd Speed Shop
Polished Turd Speed Shop 6 ditë më parë
You did not get scammed, you are just a tool. Arbitrage is not illegal
ATLHooligan 6 ditë më parë
Just call them and explain, they will ban them and refund you.
KS Email
KS Email 6 ditë më parë
Can you actually imagine some1 buying this to actually crush each can to save space.
Dustin Tunis
Dustin Tunis 6 ditë më parë
Look at a 4 spoke lug wrench, 3/4" is the same as 19mm, or rather close enough to label one size as both.
Joe Goins
Joe Goins 6 ditë më parë
You could mount it on a long tool cart cut a slot in it and put a bin on the bottom shelf or on a steel work station 🤔
FenceUp 6 ditë më parë
I don't get it. You paid the price you saw, and got the item you expected. Where is the scam.
bbaaspencer1 7 ditë më parë
You can buy a manual crusher for $15.
Mark Alcorta
Mark Alcorta 7 ditë më parë
Y'all are funny. You two are like brothers.
Jeff Judd
Jeff Judd 7 ditë më parë
I modified an old pitching machine...works amazing!!! Pretty damn fun too
Kind Man
Kind Man 7 ditë më parë
that's crazy. did you know that you can just step on them and it's faster lol
Mopar Addiction
Mopar Addiction 7 ditë më parë
How much for the silver Honda in the background?
The Darkness
The Darkness 7 ditë më parë
Coca- Cola : You are being too white for us now guys, gonna need you to calm it down.
The Darkness
The Darkness 7 ditë më parë
Is it me or does Gabe look like Sean Faris mixed with a bit of Tom Cruise? www.google.com/search?q=sean+faris&rlz=1C1VDKB_enUS941US941&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=IUuNOk-88egTJM%252C3pe9ubu1-1oiwM%252C_&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kS41xhs-saBH_WIjf7ZP-5ZhYb24Q&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjC48GM0rTwAhWVZ80KHTp0DSEQ_h16BAgvEAE#imgrc=IUuNOk-88egTJM
Desert Explorer 302
Desert Explorer 302 7 ditë më parë
You didn't get scammed, you're just like the rest of the people who DON'T do their research.
RichieT5 7 ditë më parë
I love Gabe 😍 that crusher is such a good idea! Hope the scammer gets done
The Founding Fathers
The Founding Fathers 7 ditë më parë
My man gabe out here lookin like tom cruise
Virtual Vapes
Virtual Vapes 7 ditë më parë
And for an extra couple hundred dollars we'll throw in the gold plated ratchet. LOL.
Serge. Crispino
Serge. Crispino 7 ditë më parë
Dude - You should call yourself a scammer for the title you gave this video !! Nothing worse than a beady eyed whinging Seppo !! What you received, how you received it and how much you paid for it is cooked up click bait for your story line !! Looks like industrial quality pneumatics - so the price would be on point !!
Gary Langley
Gary Langley 7 ditë më parë
Cool toy. I just wonder how many thousands of cans will it take to pay for the crusher. Have fun.
Ted Garrett
Ted Garrett 7 ditë më parë
See how you got scammed this is not the first time Amazon Amazon lets that go somebody needs to go and start their own thing and an honest way to buy and trade and stuff like that you know it's a lot of people don't go to Walmart because they can go to Amazon when you go to Amazon you expect to be treated fairly and and doesn't somebody trying to screw you over every 5 seconds I've had them try to do me that in Asia okay I'm not going to say what country it is but always try to screw you over as much as they can..
YoshinoyaJones 7 ditë më parë
You might wat to make ur video before your title.
mbouffy 7 ditë më parë
How did you get scammed? You paid the price you wanted for the product you wanted. Welcome to capitalism.
HandiGapped Racing
HandiGapped Racing 7 ditë më parë
You can't really get scammed on Amazon they have awesome customer service I just bought a "55g drum handling sling" it was way too big I returned it no problem. There was only 1 time I had to call customer service they accepted the return and gave me a gift card for the inconvenience.
Melvin Noble
Melvin Noble 7 ditë më parë
I think I might be interested in buying one of those can crushers but I bet I won't have as much FUN as you guys made it look!
Mike Wolf
Mike Wolf 7 ditë më parë
Cheap can crusher your truck 🚚
Bill brown
Bill brown 7 ditë më parë
Now build a can feeder for it
TheJuanSolid 7 ditë më parë
I did not see anyone mention it, but if you are powering the air compressor with electricity then there is some waste by not going straight for an electric only option. I don't know how much time this saves, but it is definitely more convenient then using your own muscle. It also makes a smaller can so you can take more to the scrap yard in one trip saving resources overall.
Dustin Pomeroy
Dustin Pomeroy 7 ditë më parë
You get those cans hot enough they'll burn
Mark Hunter
Mark Hunter 7 ditë më parë
your quick crushing looks like Like John Wick loading a shotgun!
Gabe 7 ditë më parë
Gary S
Gary S 8 ditë më parë
You oughta have some way of automatically counting the cans so you could actually tell when you hit a million!
Mesic Adam
Mesic Adam 8 ditë më parë
It's quite amazing how watching cans getting crushed can be so satisfying. Or it's just that I'm getting nuts?
tk106 8 ditë më parë
That is a silly way to spend $180
Kenneth Sandberg
Kenneth Sandberg 8 ditë më parë
Seeing the can crusher in action has me thinking about how else you can use the air piston contained inside of it. Perhaps as a cheap means to lift a car? Or perhaps an easy way to open a door or a hatch. Or, perhaps a way to press the gas pedal to make something go fast with just a push of a button. The potential for fun is unlimited.......
Chris Heaton
Chris Heaton 8 ditë më parë
I caught, and loved, the "Parks and Rec" comment, then paused to watch the Armisen video. lol
Chris Heaton
Chris Heaton 7 ditë më parë
@Gabe I really wish I could afford to wrench of cars for a living. So Fun.
Chris Heaton
Chris Heaton 7 ditë më parë
@Gabe alpost.info/mine/lczcy6i7jnPdd6s/video
Gabe 7 ditë më parë
Tomislav Lulic
Tomislav Lulic 8 ditë më parë
You should of tried returning it , happened to me but I said screw that im returning it and then I got a email from seller for 20% if I don't return which was credited back to my creditcard, can't stand that scam bullsh**
jtstaffan 8 ditë më parë
I watched this and was amazed. Living in the Old World, this is a non-problem. By law, if you sell drink, in cans or plastic bottles, you are bound to take care of empties. All supermarkets have big crusher machines that produce a receipt for your returned bottles & cans. When you bought your beverage , you paid for the container, and so when returning them, you get your money back. Most machines also have the choice of giving your money to a worthy cause (like planting trees in arid parts of Africa). --How many cans before the crusher has paid for itself ??
jtstaffan 7 ditë më parë
@Gabe OK, thanks ! Question remains : How many cans to pay for the $100 - $180 crusher ( ..and air compressor..) ??
Gabe 7 ditë më parë
There are a few states that do that but the vast majority have recycling centers that accept cans in bulk, crushed or not. As they pay by weight rather than individual can, it’s in an individual’s best interest to crush them to pack more in.
Matt Paroz
Matt Paroz 8 ditë më parë
As an Australian……. 12:58. Thank you 🇦🇺🤙🏼
Gabe 7 ditë më parë
CAR CHANNEL 8 ditë më parë
Speaking of getting scammed, wheres A @amberghini nowadays🤪🤣⁉️
Philip Rizek
Philip Rizek 8 ditë më parë
Helpful hit if a farmer owes you money and he's got a old grain shed full of cans and you pull up with a 75 c60 truck with a 16 ft box to collect the cans which in case we're all in trash bags after you heat all the bags into the back of the truck and start ripping them open use ear plugs or other device cans are loud especially when they fill up a quarter of that truck
Philip Rizek
Philip Rizek 8 ditë më parë
If you crush them it makes it a pain at the recycling place when they squeeze them all into a cube
bo cat
bo cat 8 ditë më parë
Safety glasses
Sylvan dB
Sylvan dB 8 ditë më parë
I now find myself craving an air-powered can crusher. Something yesterday I did not even consider might exist.
FastAndBulbous 8 ditë më parë
Dude, your haircut game is not on point. If you can spend $180 for a can crusher you can drop $5 more for a decent haircut.
Jordan Murphy
Jordan Murphy 8 ditë më parë
14:10...Gabe is showing his *true* Army roots. Soldiers & Marines usually forget their PPE. If he were an Airman (go Air Force!), he'd have an apron & safety goggles...just sayin'. 🤣
Gabe 7 ditë më parë
If I’ve learned anything, it’s that a reflective belt is all the PPE you’ll EVER need. 😂🤣
mrgoodbar216 8 ditë më parë
I learned something today...that someone there definitely has diabetes
Gabe 7 ditë më parë
Hyperstrike 8 ditë më parë
You'll get fewer stuck cans if you put them in upside down.
Bill Gardner
Bill Gardner 8 ditë më parë
2000 cans equals $100 in California. You spent $180 so you need to crush at least 2000 cans more to cover the hassle of setting up your can crushing machine. I have a 25 yr old manual crusher (cost $9) that is easy to use and no compressor required. But u made a video$
Will C
Will C 8 ditë më parë
Electric would be better
Chris Vargas
Chris Vargas 8 ditë më parë
Funny stuff.
henry chandler
henry chandler 8 ditë më parë
Be less white - Coke
Stephen Olds
Stephen Olds 8 ditë më parë
You can put a muffler on it so you can't hear the air through the valve
Gabe 7 ditë më parë
I think a blowoff valve would be much more satisfying! 😂👍🏼
troykatt05 8 ditë më parë
Top Video of the year. Let's crush other things.
spdodger 8 ditë më parë
Can crushing videos? For subscribers? Yikes.
Mike Abbott
Mike Abbott 8 ditë më parë
Obviously, you will have to fabricate a magazine to load the cans into so they can gravity feed. How big will the magazine be? How much space do you have?...
Nick C
Nick C 8 ditë më parë
Place all used cans in plastic barrel, add TNT or C4 result, all cans gone
егерь 8 ditë më parë
Rich C
Rich C 8 ditë më parë
Come to Iowa, they give you 5 cents apiece for cans!
Revolauncher 8 ditë më parë
Gabe is the type of guy to have 163 subscribers and not 1 public video to view. He's that good...
Gabe 7 ditë më parë
Whaaaat?!?! No kidding?!!
Leslley Scotte
Leslley Scotte 8 ditë më parë
“Ouchie zone”
Henry Smifth
Henry Smifth 8 ditë më parë
Can't believe I just watched a video about crushing cans😳😅😅🤷🏽‍♂️
Henry Smifth
Henry Smifth 8 ditë më parë
You're not human unless you've been scammed on the internet 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️😅
Kelly Hamilton
Kelly Hamilton 8 ditë më parë
What NO bag in your barrel? Have fun when emptying out to take to recycle yard...js
Troy Smith
Troy Smith 8 ditë më parë
That blue tubing is the same tubing I use that comes with our waterfed pole Unger for window washing pneumatic polyurethane air hose 8mm
andy robinson
andy robinson 8 ditë më parë
Now you have to redeem 3600 cans to make up the $180 you spent on that thing. Or you could just drink less crap and have fewer cans to worry about.
Garth Adams
Garth Adams 8 ditë më parë
weirdly satisfying
Steve 8 ditë më parë
The seller is now selling it for 200 bucks Seller name is super leader lets shower him with our gratitude
VomDeich 8 ditë më parë
Wow - how they can sell an amputation machine like this in the US? In Europe this devise is not conform to machinery directive an you wouldn be allowed to introduce it into use. In the US I would fear to get sued to death.
Zachary Prosper
Zachary Prosper 8 ditë më parë
You should of put a bag 🎒in the can to easily move the cans out
Rob Mcmuffin
Rob Mcmuffin 8 ditë më parë
cinder block and a steel plate.. best can crusher ever...
Bruce Sahroian
Bruce Sahroian 8 ditë më parë
AlfonsoB 8 ditë më parë
Wait, buying low and selling with a profit is a scam now? Also I get around 20 cents us per can here in Finland when I take them back to the store intact. The robot that reads the bar codes crushes them.
John Zenick
John Zenick 8 ditë më parë
Do you guys not drink beer at all or anything with alcohol, not even a White Claw?
Gabe 7 ditë më parë
Wkala 8 ditë më parë
So - you do not drink water? Find a nearest tab fill a glass - drink. No can problem
rodrick still
rodrick still 8 ditë më parë
Call back and tell amazon the are drop shipping and that illegal for them to do that.. makes amazon looks bad
John Monnin
John Monnin 8 ditë më parë
Don't use side cutters to cut hoses used with push to connect fittings, Side cutters create sharp edges that nick the o-rings and eventually cause leaks. Use a dedicated hose cutter or at least do something to deburr the ends. I used top design truck air brake systems and all of the valve manufactures beat this into my head so hard that I literally could not resist saying it to you :)
John Monnin
John Monnin 7 ditë më parë
@Gabe are you the Gabe on this episode?
Gabe 7 ditë më parë
MICHAEL HASKELL 8 ditë më parë
all work and no play makes JR a dull boy! good to have a fun day every once in a while.
Alex Quintero
Alex Quintero 8 ditë më parë
Let us know when it pays for itself.
Todd Bowne
Todd Bowne 8 ditë më parë
SURPREE Off Road Lights and Jeep Accessories Got me with the Same Scam.... 😒😒 206 SEATTLE
virgoguy1976 8 ditë më parë
And if you submit a honest valid review that is negative. Amazon will remove it.
nikphoenix 8 ditë më parë
Need to go get AvE warning labels.
The Litigator
The Litigator 8 ditë më parë
Serious problem - less than .001% of your space
Jason Higgins
Jason Higgins 8 ditë më parë
Always buy from eBay.
Gian Paolo Gliori
Gian Paolo Gliori 8 ditë më parë
So you will need to recycle 3,600 cans to break even (at $0.05 per can)... if you’re drinking full fat coke, that’s 140kg of sugar consumed!
Lon 8 ditë më parë
That shop definitely needs a big compressor and plumbing for it.
wsmithsmith01 8 ditë më parë
1000 cans is a 5lb ingot of aluminum. Recyclers usually pay more more for it this way anyway, if you get bored you could cast your own aluminum parts or emblems for your project cars. maybe a flava flave type necklace
Paul S
Paul S 8 ditë më parë
Sooo eventually you will be able to recoup the cost of the roof now. You are pretty good at crushing .
Gary Fry
Gary Fry 8 ditë më parë
You guys are wild---- must be the golden ratchet.
Terry M
Terry M 8 ditë më parë
John Ross my son's grew up with saying Stupid Hurts. Perfect label for that thing....
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