TWO Massive Pieces Of Metal Just Cost Me THOUSANDS Of Dollars...

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Motul Lounge progress! The massive platform requires tons of steel to construct and I thought I had it all when we pulled the cranes out of the ceiling to convert them into a floor. It turns out we were a bit short and just this order was $2,000 for a couple pieces. We got it all built and stood up, now all that's left is laying down the big spans and welding in our subfloor supports!
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Common Questions:
What motorcycle do I ride? A few. Ducati 1198, Honda Goldwing, Honda Grom, Honda Ruckus
What do I do for a living? Make ALpost videos.
Can you wheelie? No, I suck.
Are you fast? Sort of. I suck mostly though.
Where can I keep up with you off the bike?
Instagram: WatchJRGo
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Do you go to school? College, for 2 classes.
Why do you ride so dangerously? What do mean? I was doing 25.
Do you go to the track? Of course, hopefully there will be videos in the future.
Do you play video games? No, but I might stream N64 Goldeneye at some point. Twitch: WatchJRGo
Are you afraid the police will watch your videos and arrest you? Something something evidence something something warrants and due process of law
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John Moruzzi
John Moruzzi 26 ditë më parë
Are you tying it in to the roof structure ?
Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva 27 ditë më parë
is this about warehouses or cars?!!
mattmarshall747 27 ditë më parë
Good to see your dad fit and well. The shop is coming on nicely 👌
LetTheWookieWin 27 ditë më parë
All the metal comes from China??? You should check out the steel industry here in 🇬🇧 Where i live we have a steel works and the quality is a lot higher than any Chinese steel
Indrekk Pringi
Indrekk Pringi 27 ditë më parë
Do you have any realization that you are reliving your childhood?
N N 27 ditë më parë
Should have called a company named Highmark that specializes in double decks like you are building. Not all the metal comes from china
Jim G
Jim G 27 ditë më parë
Unless you're putting seating up there it's not a balcony it's a mezzanine.
Zach Hart
Zach Hart 28 ditë më parë
More cars, less warehouse
Jamie Round
Jamie Round 28 ditë më parë
woooow so much going on there..... love 2 see the town car become a big tire / gambler car..... yeee haaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jordan 29 ditë më parë
Those nice hard hats you got for everyone reminded me of a saying, "safety third"
John McMickle
John McMickle 29 ditë më parë
Those base plates probably cost as much as the whole stick would have.
Schutzhund 3
Schutzhund 3 29 ditë më parë
Forklift with ibeam, I’ll just run over this power cord! lol
inikkor Muaj më parë
Audi sucks
David Muaj më parë
Amazing progress 👏
Steven Noblin
Steven Noblin Muaj më parë
Cool, a model T! I use to want one of those things.
Cody Weller
Cody Weller Muaj më parë
I just wanna see those ugly walls fixed up
M Holla
M Holla Muaj më parë
That is NOT the way you move weight in a forklift!! Take it at the LOWEST point you can .. then lift to height.
Jason Horn
Jason Horn Muaj më parë
Are you looking for an AVL Integrator for the space? Love watching your videos, and see that you used to do some of that in the past. We have direct relationships with Harman, Chauvet, Elation, Environmental Lights, Pathway, etc...
David Hennessey
David Hennessey Muaj më parë
You sold the Lincoln????? Alright, Alright, Alright!
John Briggs
John Briggs Muaj më parë
$0.50 Head? $0.50 Helmet.
Panzer Ace
Panzer Ace Muaj më parë
The whole operation looks suspect.
Dave Reeves
Dave Reeves Muaj më parë
You picked a hell of a time to buy structural steel.
Auto Auction Rebuilds
Auto Auction Rebuilds Muaj më parë
Will I be able to park my Plymouth Colt in the cool car section??
WatchJRGo Muaj më parë
Obviously 💯
Auto Auction Rebuilds
Auto Auction Rebuilds Muaj më parë
This is EPIC!
Jason A
Jason A Muaj më parë
That's funny company i work for got the same floor cleaner, drive motor went after little use
Jessica Miller
Jessica Miller Muaj më parë
The floor cleaner is fun to do donuts on and drift I do it at work
Questioner Muaj më parë
That coolant gauge built into the radiator cap has such a directness and practicality it makes me want to cut a hole in each of my cars' hoods to retrofit them.
Kevin Kyser
Kevin Kyser Muaj më parë
This place is going to be sick! ....I love to watch the progress!
Arete1776 Muaj më parë
Daniel McKenzie
Daniel McKenzie Muaj më parë
I just got the ok for the car lift for my garage, I should have it in a few weeks when it arrives, this year all the youtubers like me will finally make it! I AM KEEPING UP WITH YOU JOHNR!
MarcTheBarber Muaj më parë
I cant wait to see how that place looks in a couple years
Harnett's Garage
Harnett's Garage Muaj më parë
When I heard you say, " Pick up a Model T." I thought I imagined it, my had has a 27 Touring! Awesome 👌. The wiring is definitely pretty simple!
Phil Brown
Phil Brown Muaj më parë
Boys safety glasses 👓 when using the iron worker
SuperDave Muaj më parë
I hope that floor is plenty strong, because it may crack from the weight being placed on it by those new columns. Typically, you would want to remove a section of the floor, put in a new foundation for the column and then pour the floor back around it all.
Gregory Sattler
Gregory Sattler Muaj më parë
Overhead Safety is no joke! You should never show subscribers this as it could result in injury or death.
Brian Tayler
Brian Tayler Muaj më parë
G'day, your expensive Chinese steel is made from three main ingredients. Australian iron ore, Australian coking coal, and Australian thermal coal. China is pissed with Australia at present. Apparently, our bootlicking was not up to their standards. China has restricted our imports which mean that some Chinese citizens were very cold last winter, their power is always going out and the shortage of steel production has increased prices. Now you know why your steel is expensive. It is Australia's fault, go figure.
Ken Crouch
Ken Crouch Muaj më parë
Adam LZ - Adam LZ - no offense but if I wanted to watch Adam LZ I would. Just because you bought a right hand drive Japanese car - you are not Adam LZ. Also - Conference room in glass? Ok- I get it but please do not go the way of American Choppers where they set up a place for people can come and watch. If you know anything about the show that was not a case where - "if you build it they will come."
Wayne Pittenger
Wayne Pittenger Muaj më parë
Come with me..and you’ll of OSHA violations
Geoff Dankert
Geoff Dankert Muaj më parë
Ooh, turn the Rolls into a Gambler car!
Eric K
Eric K Muaj më parë
How 'bout that Corvette....?
skmetal7 Muaj më parë
Damn he spends a loooottt of money. I wouldn't have it any other way.
CAYMAN987 Muaj më parë
Still seems really odd. When he says I am watch jr go. Ever see the news reader come on and say I am ch 11 news at 5. No. Cause it sounds dumb.
George McFly
George McFly Muaj më parë
On today of : "Look how much money I spend"
Tambo Snipes
Tambo Snipes Muaj më parë
Check how awesome I am I keep spending money to stunt
Mark Margiotta
Mark Margiotta Muaj më parë
Sale the fire truck and fix or replace insulation on the walls looks terrible dark and dingy
Mark Margiotta
Mark Margiotta Muaj më parë
Insulation is really ugly that needs fixed
Keith Edginton
Keith Edginton Muaj më parë
JR, are you going with an all ubiquiti network?
WatchJRGo Muaj më parë
Yup, it's all UniFi already 🍻
D Monty
D Monty Muaj më parë
Hope you don't have to buy any wood!!
Mitchell Radford
Mitchell Radford Muaj më parë
So what's going on with the other garage and offices?
Caleb Nestor
Caleb Nestor Muaj më parë
You need a shirt that says. You can get cool shirts... not like this! lol
andy klove
andy klove Muaj më parë
we bought a tennant floor sweeper at my work, garbage, new it had four repairs on warranty my boss made them bring another new machine cost 100,000 for it.
Oigle Oystereater
Oigle Oystereater Muaj më parë
Does anyone there ever eat or drink anything that doesn't come from a fast food place? Ford and "good stuff" cannot ever be in the same sentence.
R S Muaj më parë
this channel is now called "WatchJRbuildashop"
Phil G
Phil G Muaj më parë
We've got a T500 floor scrubber at work. It's a walk behind one, not as fancy as the T7
Mark Wright
Mark Wright Muaj më parë
is that model t like the old ford tractors 6v and positive ground??
wriddle082 Muaj më parë
It’s nice having a brother who can make nice welds. I have one too. He’s a union pipefitter.
Mark Wright
Mark Wright Muaj më parë
I'm pretty sure youll be pleased with Tennants costumer service and tech support even for older units, I know I am!!
goatwhsprr Muaj më parë
At what point did you not know tge building refit was gonna be 158k?. Hit me up when your near that figure..
Don Jonson
Don Jonson Muaj më parë
I didn’t hear it he was installing fire sprinkler? Did I miss something
Keith Edginton
Keith Edginton Muaj më parë
Not necessary. He has a real fire truck!
wayne p
wayne p Muaj më parë
glass table out of audi engines? are you going to use the engines to support the table.. or are you going to cut the engines into slabs and lay them out like an MRI image set..
Pat Amos
Pat Amos Muaj më parë
Where's the old John Deere dozer you were overhauling the engine on? That's what brought me to your channel.
Juan Higareda
Juan Higareda Muaj më parë
Lmao hella random 🚒 huge heaters video games model t.............
S V Muaj më parë
3:02 I fully support these guys' right to do whatever they want as long as it doesn't cost or hurt others. I also really like them all. HOWEVER, I cannot promise to spend any energy trying to not laugh like a hyena the first time one of these guys crushes a foot (hopefully that's all it will be).
Jared Lumbert
Jared Lumbert Muaj më parë
Won’t be me, I wear composite toe boots every single day.
simpleinseattle Muaj më parë
I can't wait until the wall insulation gets refreshed. The old white wrap doesn't do the place justice.
Slymel22 Muaj më parë
You sure your columns are on a footing? Just saying... With all the weight on it im wondering if the concrete is strong enough underneath it to support everything. Maybe your on a reinforced steel concrete floor and it can hold it. Just wondering...
Todd Hill
Todd Hill Muaj më parë
$200... add a zero. Um, $0200?
PugLife PugLife
PugLife PugLife Muaj më parë
The title accurately describes my sex life
Michael Huey
Michael Huey Muaj më parë
JR, good to see SR doing well and recovered from the Crouf! I’m tellin ya, you need to call it JR’s Smoke Shop for all the burnouts‼️👍
Russell Trupia
Russell Trupia Muaj më parë
What happened to the fire truck? I thought you where going to do more videos on it.
William J Smith
William J Smith Muaj më parë
Not interested in the shop, where is the C5 videos you promised?
fintrollpgr Muaj më parë
No insulation!? Guess it never gets really cold or warm where you live?
vettepicking Muaj më parë
I pay .80 - $1 a pound for steel
nukem bear
nukem bear Muaj më parë
Hell you could have built your entire warehouse out of dead Audi engines, there is millions of them out there!
Thomas Corsatea
Thomas Corsatea Muaj më parë
YO!!! Gloves and safety glasses when using a press and handling STEEL!
Stephen Erickson
Stephen Erickson Muaj më parë
It is great seeing progress on the shop congratulations
James 420
James 420 Muaj më parë
Should be using wayyyyy more lubricant for that poor metal muncher, that's not gonna last
100PercentJake Muaj më parë
Holley EFI on the Model T?
gjc9801 Muaj më parë
Hi, Unless I missed an episode where you guys cut out that floor put in footings under each of those columns, and then did such a fantastic job repairing the floor that we can't see it, You have issues coming! You can not load those columns onto the floor slab without putting footings under them or that slab is going to disintegrate under the load, Please get a structural engineer in there and get it detailed and follow his or her directions or you have a catastrophe coming. Love the channel don't want to see you guys die! Cheers, Greg.
Jared Lumbert
Jared Lumbert Muaj më parë
Are you a structural engineer then?
Jack Trudel
Jack Trudel Muaj më parë
Is this how Leno started? "We're gonna need a bigger building!"
thepittman4g63 Muaj më parë
Should have kept that giant steel rack you spent so much effort destroying to use for material.
thepittman4g63 Muaj më parë
@WatchJRGo I just saw it haha. Rip in peace
WatchJRGo Muaj më parë
It’s literally in this video 🤔
Michael Leocata
Michael Leocata Muaj më parë
By the ton, son
Born Again Torinos
Born Again Torinos Muaj më parë
So are you are going to LS swap the Model T?
Scott Barber
Scott Barber Muaj më parë
Ah so ready for that to be done! Gonna be fun
Glass Vial
Glass Vial Muaj më parë
Your old man is cool af, just rolling in on a Model T. He must love all the work you guys are putting in on this massive project.
John Asbury
John Asbury Muaj më parë
Rolls Royce Gambler car?
Brad Coleman
Brad Coleman Muaj më parë
It's coming together! Of course I'm really looking forward to seeing new floors and walls. It's going to be night and day difference with that great lighting added. You're doing it the right way of course, but man, I'm ready to see how great it's gonna look after those pieces.
Nad Enolam
Nad Enolam Muaj më parë
Was down in Derby the other day, drove by your place. Looked like you were hard at work.
Hvy ChvyG20
Hvy ChvyG20 Muaj më parë
1:35-2:50. Anyone know who Tony Iommi is? The guitarist from Black Sabbath. He would get nightmares seeing these machines. :)
Bret Randolph
Bret Randolph Muaj më parë
Love the shop updates!!
A.J. W.
A.J. W. Muaj më parë
That metal muncher is no joke! So cool to see it go through that stuff so quickly.
Bigg Mike Mayne
Bigg Mike Mayne Muaj më parë
Thomas Ryan
Thomas Ryan Muaj më parë
Next video, LS swapped Model T.
naterade21 Muaj më parë
We have a t7 amr at my place of employment
eelecurb Muaj më parë
Epoxy flooring is the most cost effective and will look great but I would love to see the warehouse with that new polyurea coating with the color chips in it. Just had my garage done and it looks awesome.
Michael Hartloff
Michael Hartloff Muaj më parë
fatasford Muaj më parë
Man so happy to see this all come together baby steps
Kio Schraffenberger
Kio Schraffenberger Muaj më parë
Looking really good. I bet you can't wait to party on the deck.
Terry Baptist
Terry Baptist Muaj më parë
The insulation is dingy and nasty looking you might want to replace it.
Terry Baptist
Terry Baptist Muaj më parë
It obviously not the best one if the drive motor broke on you after ten minutes.
WatchJRGo Muaj më parë
I mean it’s used and I got it for $10k off 🍻
Robert Donkers
Robert Donkers Muaj më parë
Clamp that beam down to the forks!
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