Can Oil Additive FIX This WATER FILLED Antique Scissor Lift Engine?

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This antique Up-Right scissor lift has been through a lot. It lives it's life sitting abandoned for years and then does a couple small jobs before heading right back outside to sit. It's powered by an old air cooled Wisconsin 2 cylinder engine that was seized in the last video we made about it. I wanted to change the oil and clean it up a bit before it head back out of the shop so it was a perfect time to test another oil additive out in the real world.
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O'Reilly Syntec 10W-30:
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jeff h
jeff h 8 ditë më parë
It was seized I had to put a fuel pump in it
Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams 17 ditë më parë
You need a form-a-funnel
Philip Rizek
Philip Rizek 21 ditë më parë
I've used one of my siphon hoses with the marble in it to add hydraulic oil 10w30 got a flow through it warm it up a bit
Philip Rizek
Philip Rizek 21 ditë më parë
Just take the lid off of 80 90 bottle and stick a hose on it
Philip Rizek
Philip Rizek 21 ditë më parë
Don't you know it rained sideways in Kansas snow blows when in doubt use a hose and find out
Joey Guillen
Joey Guillen 22 ditë më parë
Someone sabotaged that jack after getting let go or something.
IKhan 23 ditë më parë
It's not a WatchJRGo video without a trip to O'Reilly's.
TheBibliofilus 26 ditë më parë
Gunked up carb or configured incorrectly combined with a powerful electric fuel pump making the fuel go into the crankcase instead of the cylinders would be my guess with some condensation water.
Nutzername1273 26 ditë më parë
Engine science was really fun! :) I’d like to see more of it :)
Jakelovesphoto -Jake Fleming-
Jakelovesphoto -Jake Fleming- 28 ditë më parë
Im partial Bardahl No Smoke
George Stone
George Stone 28 ditë më parë
You need a carburetor overhaul. It should not put gas into the oil pan.
Cc Smith
Cc Smith 28 ditë më parë
Chris 29 ditë më parë
Carb isnt right gas goes through it into the block as it sits
ohthelawd Muaj më parë
Use quart containers maybe?
M W Muaj më parë
Love the scissor lift, just needs some gentle love - a good cleaning, going over, a rebuild. But the price was right. Think of it like the $500 Porsche - except not as fun to drive.
Don Mynack
Don Mynack Muaj më parë
That thing is dirty. Put the details guys on it.
nikphoenix Muaj më parë
water got in the exhaust via condensation from morning dew.
Nick Loss
Nick Loss Muaj më parë
The engine restore in a metal can really works for restoring compression, it uses graphite to fill scratches in the cylinder wall
Steven Lawson
Steven Lawson Muaj më parë
Carb is dumping fuel into the cylinders and ending up in the crankcase. Check the float, needle and seat.
MassiveTrackHunter Muaj më parë
Yeah...that milk calling itself oil. Not cool.
Ralph Adams
Ralph Adams Muaj më parë
Personaly i wouldnt use syntenic oil,especialy in dat old lift,i would use regular oil with some kind of additives added n it
chestrockwell Muaj më parë
why do you always sign off then proceed to do 5 more minutes?
Jacob Tlaxcala
Jacob Tlaxcala Muaj më parë
Petition to ls swap the scissor lift
vdub4201 Muaj më parë
did you check the air filter? water will usually get in through the wing nut on the air filter... synthetic in a air cooled engine?? 15w40 diesel oil is much better for flat tappet engines that need zink in the oil.. valve adjustment would help with it being lean on one and rich on the other.. those old wisconsin thd engines are tanks!
David Goodrow
David Goodrow Muaj më parë
You probably already know, but the base for the streamlite needs to have a 12vdc power plug into the black plug on it.
Jordan Steins
Jordan Steins Muaj më parë
stright 30 in those old Wisconsin engines valve adjustment. try staring one by hand. definently a wrist breaker
Adam R
Adam R Muaj më parë
what plugs do you run in your super duty?
WatchJRGo Muaj më parë
Glowing ones 🔥
Scotty Gunter
Scotty Gunter Muaj më parë
Ya got to plug it in Jr. In the bottom of the holder is a plug . then it goes in the cig. Lighter
Nevin C
Nevin C Muaj më parë
All the smoke was from the old oil. It was so over filled with water and gas that it started to push the oil on to the top of the piston. The reason for no smoke after the oil change was it had the right oil level.
The Dark One
The Dark One Muaj më parë
Would it be possible to make a home made air leak down tester
Brandon Upchurch
Brandon Upchurch Muaj më parë
I'd run 10w30 HDEO or straight 30 or 15w40 in an air cooled engine most passenger car rated 10w30 is fairly thin for grade and probably not the best thing to run in an air cooled engine.
Mason Gibeault
Mason Gibeault Muaj më parë
For the light to charge on our engine the truck needs to be plugged in or running
Michael Benoit
Michael Benoit Muaj më parë
You should pull the motor out of it before you send it away if it’s getting scraped that engine is in decent shape still.
John Moruzzi
John Moruzzi Muaj më parë
Silly using full synthetic... pretty runny too.... Still very hard to start unless it’s a choke issue... it is very lean after all.
Afro Desiac
Afro Desiac Muaj më parë
Wut up lost Jericho??
Jimmy Dell
Jimmy Dell Muaj më parë
I had a large building and from that experience I say do not get rid of the lift, you will NEED it1
WatchJRGo Muaj më parë
I have a nice electric one, this one is horrible to use 💯
J G Muaj më parë
Red Devil . That stuff stopped all the hydraulic leaks on my telehandler. I was skeptical, but it worked.
A.J. W.
A.J. W. Muaj më parë
JR: "That good ol honey butter" Me: *On my way to Texas Roadhouse...*
Fish Creek Marine
Fish Creek Marine Muaj më parë
Project!! convert it to electric
john collins
john collins Muaj më parë
Compression has to do with metal expanding. The rings are still warm from running. Better ring contact better compression
Daan Muaj më parë
if there is gas in the oil, prob the water got in the tank and together with the gas in the oil.
Jess H
Jess H Muaj më parë
ruben cruz
ruben cruz Muaj më parë
well i was close with my guess of 70 psi
Aaron Yourk
Aaron Yourk Muaj më parë
They do make drain plug replacements to make oil changes like this less messy. You can attach a hose then and make it drain where you like. I realize this isn't your machine so oh well.
Brannen Franco
Brannen Franco Muaj më parë
If it has no oil filter then it needs non detergent oil
Erick Gutierrez
Erick Gutierrez Muaj më parë
Dang 300k subscribers I still remember watching when you had like 70k glad you're getting the recognition you deserve
Charles Curran
Charles Curran Muaj më parë
Nice to see they did away with the masks where you are.
Pablo Picaro
Pablo Picaro Muaj më parë
Cadillac Escalide SUV -shiny black - out in front of JR place -NEW PROJECT ???
WatchJRGo Muaj më parë
Getting detailed and PPF, not mine 🍻
Mike Davern
Mike Davern Muaj më parë
Take your clothes off a little
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez Muaj më parë
Wow the oil looked like thin set.
Michael Jr Ladouceur
Michael Jr Ladouceur Muaj më parë
Can wait to see you working on the firer truck
Integra DIY
Integra DIY Muaj më parë
I think the oil looked like milk shake because of the carb is leaking fuel into the engine.. it’s always good practice just to rebuild the carb on old small engines.
Darcy Warner
Darcy Warner Muaj më parë
Any engine that does not get run often, will have condensation in the crank case. My two least seldom used forklifts are always like this. I have replaced head gaskets on both due to valve spring issues (flat heads) I switched to straight weight oil (non detergent) which has helped tremendously. Multi weight oil with detergents capture and hold moisture and rely on sustained operating temperature to burn it off.
Tom Marty
Tom Marty Muaj më parë
wear a mask, this pandemic is not over yet!
goocherrific Muaj më parë
I'm screaming "it's gas" the whole time! Also guessed 90 psi lol
carl gruver
carl gruver Muaj më parë
I would put a inline fuel shutoff switch
Ted Biernacki
Ted Biernacki Muaj më parë
Since you're experimenting and trying with magic in a can. There are hydraulic cylinder leak additives you can try out there!
Jeremy Wilton
Jeremy Wilton Muaj më parë
Flexible oil funnel would of helped JRGo on this one...
Lars Stensiö
Lars Stensiö Muaj më parë
Compressor test reading depends on engine speed. Remove both spark plugs before testing.
J. Hruby
J. Hruby Muaj më parë
Other comments are correct. Electric fuel pump is too strong. It's pushing raw fuel past the float and it's leaking down into the crankcase.
Alan Zolotoff
Alan Zolotoff Muaj më parë
The compression on that 2 banger should be 105 psi . Thant engine is actually in great shape ! 👍👍👍
Robert theGrape
Robert theGrape Muaj më parë
37.2 psi
Raymundo Muaj më parë
Too much fuel pump
steven groff
steven groff Muaj më parë
i wish i never noticed the common questions. cringe
Mark Margiotta
Mark Margiotta Muaj më parë
Ah I would think about fixing the ugly and torn insulation
Moto 4
Moto 4 Muaj më parë
as big as the building is, you cant find a place to let it sit? that is a handy piece of equipment.
WatchJRGo Muaj më parë
I have a nice electric one, this one is horrible to use
Eric K
Eric K Muaj më parë
Can we get an update on the Corvette???
Lisa B
Lisa B Muaj më parë
David Johnson
David Johnson Muaj më parë
If I forget to dump my oil jugs and they sit out over winter, they turn to mostly waster; don't know why, but they do.
Lassi Kinnunen 81
Lassi Kinnunen 81 Muaj më parë
70 Edit: you know you can pour the oil into a smaller cup first
Robert Donkers
Robert Donkers Muaj më parë
Compression needs to be at full throttle to be accurate and if you are goign to change the oil and add additive before sending it out for no real reason, why not clean the carb as well since its obviously not getting enough fuel.
Lee Ludtke
Lee Ludtke Muaj më parë
i just found a firetruck for sale on ebay for 8500 bucks, i can't believe it
Lee Ludtke
Lee Ludtke Muaj më parë
just like project farm
Familyrcvideos Ds
Familyrcvideos Ds Muaj më parë
JR where is that corvette at looking foward to that series
David Edgar
David Edgar Muaj më parë
Use quarts instead of gallon jugs. They will fit in that space better.
julio toon
julio toon Muaj më parë
Why don't you make a hole on steel plate 3/4 big right under the oil plug and it will drain throw the hole
Edosa EsanborEriamiatoe
Edosa EsanborEriamiatoe Muaj më parë
JR can we get dad on the channel again? I miss his knowledge! Thanks
Glenn Crockett
Glenn Crockett Muaj më parë
Water can and will get past the wingnut on the air cleaner, happens a lot when equipment is stored outside uncovered
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez Muaj më parë
I'll trade you my 01 F150 for the Beamer you gave away one month ago. Truck is high mileage (a bit ugly, too) but I'll drive to Wichita. Love the channel.
05Mil Machine
05Mil Machine Muaj më parë
Your funnel needs a funnel
james James
james James Muaj më parë
The water was poured into it to sabotage it!
ohhiguy Muaj më parë
Great strategy for your reputation. Always return borrowed equipment in better shape than you got it. Well done.
glen delarosa
glen delarosa Muaj më parë
The lift isnt water cooled so its definitely not radiator passages
Joe Lucht
Joe Lucht Muaj më parë
Add a fuel shutoff to it. Should help with the oil/gas mix.
n84434 Muaj më parë
I like how the Give-Away Bimmer is still sitting in the shop 2 months after the thing was given away....👍🏻
W Muaj më parë
If it sat for a long time, could the water be from condensation?
Jason Reichter
Jason Reichter Muaj më parë
I wonder if some of that re-seal oil additive could be added to the hydraulic fluid to possibly reduce the leaking of the hydraulic cylinders..You'd have to operate them up and down quite a few times to get the additive into the hydraulic seals. Couldn't hurt.
E&L Cards
E&L Cards Muaj më parë
yo where the mask at tho 🗣
Joshua Olsen
Joshua Olsen Muaj më parë
Did you do initial compression while it was hot? Engine parts seat better and make a better seal when hot.
MJM’s Workshop
MJM’s Workshop Muaj më parë
The oil was probably really thin from the water and gas causing it to go past the rings and burn.
Lucille Claw
Lucille Claw Muaj më parë
glock22357 Muaj më parë
Your carburetor/fuel system is all sorts of screwed up. And I'm guessing you left it outside for water to get into the oil. It should be kept inside, like any vehicle when possible. Also, I'd think it a good idea to keep the lift. You're going to need it for 100 things you're not aware of right now. And when you need it, you'll regret getting rid of it. You can fix the high pressure oil seals for the lift mechanism.
deadbugdoug Muaj më parë
annoyingly loud
Themadoutbacker Muaj më parë
DaddytechEnt Muaj më parë
*if the light was rewired they may have inadvertently bypassed the charging circuit*
ewan stewart
ewan stewart Muaj më parë
The true colour of the oil 🤢
nickof93 Muaj më parë
Project Farm testing content is the best
Mantvydas Muaj më parë
Project farm made a video on an oil additive "Restore" I think it was it worked so worth a shot?? Idk
I FixIt
I FixIt Muaj më parë
Get a length of NPT pipe to install into all your small engines oil drain ports.... Even at home improvement stores your can get NPT in the correct size and then in 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 inch length, what ever length you need to get the drain out to a convenient spot to get a pan under..... You Use some pipe dope and snug the pipe up tighter than you would the cap you use, this allows you to remove the cap in the future without loosening the pipe
I FixIt
I FixIt Muaj më parë
If it didn't have any compression, it wouldn't start homey
WatchJRGo Muaj më parë
Obvious fact is obvious... but I bet an engine will run on 20psi which is what I said 🤷🏻‍♂️
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