I BOUGHT A Legit FIRETRUCK From The Fire Department

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When the stimulus check hits... okay I'm kidding, but I'm not kidding about buying a firetruck! I bought a 1977 Mack CF-600 from the Arcadia, KS fire department for $3,000. They posted it for sale on FB and I said I'd bring cash, no questions asked, and be there Monday morning to get it. Now they've got their new Grumman fire engine and I've got this beautiful old truck. We're driving it back home and then I have literally no idea what I'm going to do with it.
For every 100,000 likes this video gets I'll send another $1,000 to the Arcadia Fire Department.
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WatchJRGo Muaj më parë
If this video get's 500k likes ya'll will have paid for the City of Arcadia's new truck. Make it so! 💯
supertouring1 3 ditë më parë
@Erik Roberts I've read Youubers typically make $8/10,000 view. Maybe the top tier youtubers make more. However, JR is definitely chipping in some his own money for every 100K views to help out the local fire dept.
tyler keller
tyler keller Muaj më parë
TheBibliofilus Muaj më parë
I bet your dad would love to have it as a service vehicle :)
Liberty Dragn
Liberty Dragn Muaj më parë
I commented on the other video, but I grew up in Arcadia, KS!!! Those trains were so loud and annoying lmao! That 4 mile drive to hwy 69 is very hilly but nice. I actually live in Iowa now but I’ve been inside that truck and on top for parades. I’m glad that someone will take care and appreciate this truck!
Drew S.
Drew S. Muaj më parë
@Monte Stu We paid $8k, it's a new to us truck, 1992 Grumman Firecat with 16k miles, and around 1k engine hours. So with the $3k from the sale of Big Red, yes $5k would cover the remaining balance of what we spent.
FireAlarmTechGuy4477 4 ditë më parë
I think you were hitting the mechanical siren brake at the end cause I can hear the brake solenoid clinking, the mechanical siren might have a pedal switch on the ground that you have to use, it could be on the passenger side too.
Eric Bitzer
Eric Bitzer 7 ditë më parë
Beautiful truck! That's what they looked like when I was a kid. Brings back memories. Wow, I'm getting old.
Reiner Zufall
Reiner Zufall 9 ditë më parë
wtf you have Aldi over there? Greetings from Germany!
CR Scott
CR Scott 7 ditë më parë
Aldi and Lidl
Ariel Mainieri
Ariel Mainieri 11 ditë më parë
min 13.47, those are moving head lights?
Caleb Krajnak
Caleb Krajnak 12 ditë më parë
So, do you need a CDL to drive that thing or are you able to drive it with just a normal license so long as its under a certain weight?
Michael Buss
Michael Buss 12 ditë më parë
Love it! Like a kid in a candy shop!!
Gary Cecil
Gary Cecil 15 ditë më parë
Nice ride
Doug Spencer
Doug Spencer 16 ditë më parë
If your truck is empty of water that's way it all over the place tire pressure is set with water in it
veggiepowered 21 ditë më parë
I'am Your Newest Subscriber Great Videos
kevin vt
kevin vt 22 ditë më parë
Good Buy, The Siren alone is a Q2b and worth $600 on ebay.
IKhan 23 ditë më parë
11:21 needs to be a picture on the wall. Silly Firehouse Sub hat on, JR playing with the sirens and that child like smile.
BLUCK LIGHT FOX ART 24 ditë më parë
great video fire fighter watrch jrgo ;)
B K 24 ditë më parë
3:56 passing another old vintage fire truck? lol
Build It Bricks
Build It Bricks 25 ditë më parë
I love fire trucks! I want to be a firefighter so this is a perfect recommendation!
GTA Wiz 28 ditë më parë
Nice truck also new sub
terastarship2 29 ditë më parë
A combination of leyland technology.
Ben Cunningham
Ben Cunningham 29 ditë më parë
Mack CF, hell of rig
jim collier
jim collier Muaj më parë
love it i was on a vol. fire dept for 30 years still love them fire trucks u have to get that Q fixed they are great i love to here them its ever little boys dream we never grow lol....
Jim Ratliff
Jim Ratliff Muaj më parë
My wife let me buy 2 fire engines in my life. Who's wife lets her goofy husband do that? I was lucky and we are still married!
Nick Bezdek
Nick Bezdek Muaj më parë
Reptilians gave me a cargo hauler space ship.
George Stokes
George Stokes Muaj më parë
my question is why and what are you going to do with it.
Dave Ackerson
Dave Ackerson Muaj më parë
Mack is the only truck manufacturer that had a fire truck division. That's when Mack was Mack! You couldn't kill them. A friend of mine has an oil truck converted from a fire truck... 1979 R 600. 237 hp Mack with a 5 speed Mack transmission. It will pull a house down.
Daan Muaj më parë
I wonder what made you think this video would get anything close to 100k likes lol
Isaiah Shultz
Isaiah Shultz Muaj më parë
That's stealing
Cool Guy
Cool Guy Muaj më parë
There is a button that you push to turn the the fire truck on and off
Jim Bishop
Jim Bishop Muaj më parë
That truck news probably 65000
Angel Romero
Angel Romero Muaj më parë
I own a firetruck 1962 gmc in newjersey
Wayne Garrison
Wayne Garrison Muaj më parë
Fire engine. Not truck...
Thomas Terry
Thomas Terry Muaj më parë
How gross of you to ask for 100k likes dude. For real. You know no one cares about your channel enough so you use the opportunity to clout chase and you know you won't donate a dime. You suck.
William Deegan
William Deegan Muaj më parë
Is my hearing ok ? That sounds like a D 'troit Diesel. I hope your keeping it in it's current form. I saw there were no ladders or hoses. Will you be putting them back on ?
Philippe Riopel
Philippe Riopel Muaj më parë
Lucky you! You now own an icon; a Mack!
tyler keller
tyler keller Muaj më parë
Nice I am a irl junior firefighter
jay07 Muaj më parë
WE CAN DO IT 👨‍🚒👩‍🚒🧑‍🚒
Jim Devilbiss
Jim Devilbiss Muaj më parë
Its a Mack. Nothing more needs to be said.
Arizona Driver
Arizona Driver Muaj më parë
Most fire trucks are purchased with Federal grants which cost the city/fire department $0 so any money they get on a sale of a truck is all profit!
Tom Muaj më parë
I hope you used the lights and siren, on your way home.
Andy Smith
Andy Smith Muaj më parë
Did you figure out the proper way to turn it off and on? (I’m talking about starting the engine and turning it off. When turning it off, you turn off the master switch. Then use the choke, and last but not least, turn both batteries off or you’re gonna be doing lots of jump-starts. The black handle that the driver can reach with his right hand to his right (look down to the right, you’ll see it) must be turned to OFF for both batteries. The rig has at least two batteries and that black knob selects them. Always run and start with it turned to BOTH. Don’t just use 1 battery. It needs two, plus it keeps both charged as you’re driving around. If you turn in the batteries to BOTH, don’t worry about the “Zzzxz” buzzer you hear. That is perfectly normal. It means start the engine by pushing the black starter button. Double-check with a pro, but I don’t recall ever using the fuel mixture to cut the engine. Maybe I did and just forgot. The first rig I learned to drive was a 1976 Seagraves Class A engine with a 1,500 GPM Waterous brand pump. The water tank held 500 gallons. If that is a Class A engine, I’m guessing the specs are similar. Nice find!!! I wish I could own a fire truck in the great condition you found it. Have fun!
Paul Degennaro
Paul Degennaro Muaj më parë
In there hayday those old mack cf firetruck went for about 75,00 and up. Late 60s 70s and more expensive in the 80s.
Joel Bulger
Joel Bulger Muaj më parë
What do you need to buy a fire truck and how do find what where to buy a fire truck ?
crispycritterz Muaj më parë
When you get a 65 Crown Firecoach we'll talk.
KKEM641 Muaj më parë
That or an Ahrens-Fox engine....
Over The Bridge Fire Media
Over The Bridge Fire Media Muaj më parë
Please take great care of this beautiful Mack CF and don’t ruin it.
Tony De Leo
Tony De Leo Muaj më parë
Unusual to see blue dome on the roof rotary light and amber for the rear rotaries!
Tony De Leo
Tony De Leo Muaj më parë
Great find, congratulation!!
Snow Owl
Snow Owl Muaj më parë
Please keep this all original! She's in beautiful shape!
Jimmy Dale Gause Jr
Jimmy Dale Gause Jr Muaj më parë
Thanks for living an Awesome life and helping all of us boys and men live and watch it through you! Your Awesome!
dead rabbit
dead rabbit Muaj më parë
Sell it to demo ranch. Herd he’s looking for one.
Sparkour Muaj më parë
"left the lights on" "no speedo' so I'm guessing" how in the world is this street legal.
Plingket Muaj më parë
federa Q2b
rick4adk Muaj më parë
Spend too much time looking away from the road and into the camera.
Lou Wheeland
Lou Wheeland Muaj më parë
My apology for the cutoff. It has a Mack built Maxadyne engine and a Watrous pump. Enjoy.
Lou Wheeland
Lou Wheeland Muaj më parë
I drove the sister to your rig for several years in my fire department. We are less than 5 miles from the Mack truck plant. The gold bulldog indicates it has a Mack Maxadyne e
The Litigator
The Litigator Muaj më parë
why did they sell it? What's wrong with them? That is such a classy sweet engine!!
Daniel Demarest
Daniel Demarest Muaj më parë
just FYI you dont HAVE to keep the air hooked up, thats just so its aired for emergency response.
Rattlecan Restorations
Rattlecan Restorations Muaj më parë
Yep fire truck is basically a truck painted red for fires it drives like a truck it bounces like a truck it's loud like a truck that's what those headphones over your right shoulder are four so you can communicate with other people in the truck without yelling at them
Wayne Garrison
Wayne Garrison Muaj më parë
Is that a CF M ACK
Jamie Round
Jamie Round Muaj më parë
so what the fire company go buy to replace the ' 77 mack fire rig that's yours now for the 3 k cash there......... awesome buy tooooo any good day time pics,. of their new rig & how much it went for...............................??????????????? IT'S DOWN RIGHT AMAZING HOW OLD SOME OF THE CURRANT FIRE COMPANY'S RUN STILL THE VERY COOL YET WAY OLD STUFF............. CUS OF LACK OF FUNDS OR WHAT NOT THERE.............................??????????????????????????????
Ken Lemanski
Ken Lemanski Muaj më parë
You need to name it. How about “Wet Dream”?
JIST HOVNO Muaj më parë
You actually bought a fire “engine” not a fire “truck. A truck carries ladder. An engine carries hoses water and a pump.
Stick0413 Muaj më parë
Mack CF fire trucks are work horses. I got my start in 2006 volunteering and we had a 1991 and 1981 Mack CF (the 91 was a Mack/Grumman, and the 81 was a straight up Mack). Pressed into service there is no doubt either could perform today in 2021. The one thing I do notice is that it is a fully enclosed cab. That was likely (truly almost guarnteed) a later addition. The 81 we ran was an open cab, and even in 06 and 07 we were running her as our second due. I will say this too, if it wasn't for the experimental breaks on the 91 Mack/Grumman, she would likely be in service to this day. Yet we pushed her to second due in 07, and the breaks we couldn't get parts outside of custom machined parts, sadly money said to retire her even though she had years left to serve. Don't get me wrong, if I were to straight up purchase a new engine in 2021, yeah it would be a ton safer, but the fact remains that nothing made today can compare to what was made when Mack was in full swing in the fire apparatus business. Now we are running an 2007 Pierce and a 2001 Pierce (a used piece purchased to replace the 1991 Mack/Grumman when she was forcefully retired), and soon to be 2021 Pierce/2007 Pierce, yet I truly would want to rely on the '81/'91 Macks if push came to shove.
halnywiatr Muaj më parë
There's a kitten in a tree that wants you to like this video.
dude the best automotive you tube buy ever"" well done..
Daniel Cross
Daniel Cross Muaj më parë
Hell yes JR awesome !!
John Moruzzi
John Moruzzi Muaj më parë
Weird seeing a green diesel pump handle.... in Britain / Europe green is unleaded petrol / gasoline, black is diesel.
Greg Dore
Greg Dore Muaj më parë
if you are keeping it original you can not use the siren or lights unless you are on private property or parade
R Niz
R Niz Muaj më parë
Mack nothin but a beast!! Same truck my dad used to give me rides in when I was a kid in early 80’s! Truck 551 ASFD. 🇺🇸
Tyler Muaj më parë
That sound reminds me of riding on the back of the rear engine school busses
Pyro Kilrinstinct
Pyro Kilrinstinct Muaj më parë
Lemme buy that off you for 4k
Mark Walker
Mark Walker Muaj më parë
I didn’t realise fire engines used blue lights in the usa
J G Muaj më parë
love love love!!!!! Who doesn't want a firetruck in their life??!!!!
lokisgodhi Muaj më parë
What do you do with a deaccessioned fire truck? Maybe cut off everything behind the cab, attach a shipping container or a cargo body to the frame and turn it into a RV/motorhome?
Fuse Muaj më parë
A buddy of mine drove a blazer that read 0 oil pressure for 3 months. Never made a bad sound. Drove great. Then all of a sudden the thing spun bearings on at least 1 rod.
Nher Perez
Nher Perez Muaj më parë
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N1RKW Muaj më parë
Congrats on the firetruck! You looked just like a kid that just got his lifelong dream toy.
Leona Tumbleson
Leona Tumbleson Muaj më parë
I lived there a few years back! And my ex grew up there along with his parents. This is awesome to see!
WarHammer1911A1 Muaj më parë
You can park it anywhere.
Kim Hedrick
Kim Hedrick Muaj më parë
I see over a 100,000 views but only 21,000 likes. Why would you watch and not like it afterwards?
Fords R Us
Fords R Us Muaj më parë
Ok so you bought a firetruck theres tons of them for sale everywhere 😂
CLEVER MIND Muaj më parë
That's Cheep 👌
Bob Mal
Bob Mal Muaj më parë
Awesome purchase!!! What boy does not dream of owning his own fire truck?
Tawanda Musesengwa
Tawanda Musesengwa Muaj më parë
Fix it up & sell it way higher price and then give back the money to Arcadia Fire Dept.
Martin Ross
Martin Ross Muaj më parë
$3 a gallon? Try $7a gallon in the UK.
Freedom Westfall
Freedom Westfall Muaj më parë
I literally grew up in that town and rode on that truck as a kid for the festivals as well as climbed all over it in the fire station
Freedom Westfall
Freedom Westfall Muaj më parë
@Drew S. not sure when thatll be but ill def take you up on that offer ill be over 18 by then more than likely but a firetruck is a firetruck
Drew S.
Drew S. Muaj më parë
@Freedom Westfall Yeah we all are gonna miss Big Red, but at least this way we get to see it fixed and returned to it's prime. Plus Big Red is famous now! Next time y'all come down to visit let me know and you guys can come check out the new truck!
Freedom Westfall
Freedom Westfall Muaj më parë
@Drew S. Got mom to watch it she said she misses her truck.
Drew S.
Drew S. Muaj më parë
Hey man! It's Andrew, Tell everyone I said Hello! Glad you guys found the video and get to see Big Red famous!
keithc728 Muaj më parë
That's one up on Hoovie
John Bock
John Bock Muaj më parë
You need to sell that to Matt at Domlition Ranch before he builds his own!!
jd5179 Muaj më parë
Very handy when going to work late . Just turn on sirens and off you go .
Sunset Rider
Sunset Rider Muaj më parë
JR, I have a matching Streamlight Flashlight that goes on to the orange base on the dashboard. If you want it let me know, arrange for UPS pickup. Its yours to have. It works, and they only require new batteries every once in a while.
Perry Twisdale
Perry Twisdale Muaj më parë
In all fairness, now you need a surplus Police Vehicle to go with it.
Peter Violette
Peter Violette Muaj më parë
MzMarquette Muaj më parë
Instead of soliciting *likes* to donate $1000 increments back to this town, with your genius mechanical skills, instead you should take that money and just repair what's needed to get it fully functional AND DONATE IT to a town that can't afford to buy a new one.
MzMarquette Muaj më parë
This is craziness!! Instead of getting this firetruck into the hands of another smaller town- municipality that could *actually* put this truck to good use and help save lives..... they sell it for $3000 to someone who wants it for self gratification over a childhood dream..... SMH
Ali Omar
Ali Omar Muaj më parë
Matt at Demolition ranch was looking for one. 3K is a steal
lee nevin
lee nevin Muaj më parë
9:35 is that an Aldi?!
ymxctrails Muaj më parë
Can't believe this video only has 100 000 views - it's one of your most interesting vehicles you ever had in my opinion.
Kudzu Kommander
Kudzu Kommander Muaj më parë
You might need to drain your air tanks because they fill up with water and limit the amount of air available to your brakes.
Chandler Scott
Chandler Scott Muaj më parë
You look like a fire fighter 👨‍🚒 🚒 🔥
Sky Racer
Sky Racer Muaj më parë
Hahaha the hoptie rescue team is growing
Solomon Taylor
Solomon Taylor Muaj më parë
Aztec interior detail ? Why you fuck with people?
Deborah chesser
Deborah chesser Muaj më parë
I could have got one with an 8V92 TA, a great DD, with 32k mi for $4500. That motor alone had to be worth that.
Charles Barkwell
Charles Barkwell Muaj më parë
Don't you need to be "Licensed" too Drive a Fire Truck ?....I guess not.
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