I Bought The REAL Godzilla: A 700HP Nissan Skyline GT-R *R32*

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Keeping this a secret was hard, but my trip to Phoenix was planned to pick up my new 1990 Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R. I bought this car to restore and drive, and both should be very fun! After spending a day driving a nearly impossible clutch around Arizona I can't wait to get out on the highway and cruise home. Having 700hp on tap should make this a very fun drive home (or at least an interesting one).
Escort Redline 360c Radar Detector: www.escortradar.com/products/escort_redline_360c
I Used 2 Of These Filters: www.oreillyauto.com/detail/c/hpr/speed-by-spectre-hpr-air-filter/spt1/8161?q=3+spectre+filter&pos=11
The original listing for the car: www.montumotors.com/inventory/1990-nissan-skyline-gtr-700-horsepower/
Mod List:
TRUST T88-34D Turbo
TRUST Intercooler
TRUST Type R Blow Off Valves
TRUST Intake Manifold
Greddy Intake Pipes
HKS Intake Filters
HKS Intercooler Pipes
Custom Full 3.75″ Turbo Back
HKS Wastegate
HKS Cam/sproket
Apexi FC Commander
Apexi Boost Controller
850cc Injectors
Oil Filter Relocation
Aftermarket Oil Cooler
Q’s Clutch
TRUST Roll Cage
Cusco Strut Bar
Billstein Shocks
Adjustable Tension Rods
AP Racing Front Calipers
Yokohama AdvanNeova Z245/40ZR18
Nismo Body Kit (Bumper, Side Skirts, Lip)
Advanced Vehicle System Wheels
MOMO Steering Wheel
APEXI Boost Gauge
Air/Fuel Gauge
Omoni Oil Temp Gauge
Omoni Oil Pressure Gauge
Omoni Exhaust Temp Gauge
Factory Service Manual and Some Extra Paperwork
MERCH: shopWatchJRGo.com
Shop Motul: motul.com
Common Questions:
What motorcycle do I ride? A few. Ducati 1198, Honda Goldwing, Honda Grom, Honda Ruckus
What do I do for a living? Make ALpost videos.
Can you wheelie? No, I suck.
Are you fast? Sort of. I suck mostly though.
Where can I keep up with you off the bike?
Instagram: WatchJRGo
Facebook: WatchJRGo (or JRGo, FB hates my branding)
Do you go to school? College, for 2 classes.
Why do you ride so dangerously? What do mean? I was doing 25.
Do you go to the track? Of course, hopefully there will be videos in the future.
Do you play video games? No, but I might stream N64 Goldeneye at some point. Twitch: WatchJRGo
Are you afraid the police will watch your videos and arrest you? Something something evidence something something warrants and due process of law
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Kam Edwards
Kam Edwards 15 ditë më parë
Does it come with 'Unlimited Meth'? Tesla comes with 'Unlimited Charging'.......
STimedic1 26 ditë më parë
I'm more interested in that Aspen White Prodrive STi behind the R32!
Brian Jacobsen
Brian Jacobsen 26 ditë më parë
Datzilla before they changed to Nisan. Nisanzilla doesn't work.
Tallen Motorsport
Tallen Motorsport Muaj më parë
Get rid of that turbo. Terrible to drive on the street. Great car!
whburton1 Muaj më parë
Well I guess you don't know TommyFYeah but he will probably gladly sell you some parts. His shop is a true JDM Space you are only halfway in the USDM space :)
Viraj Chathuranga
Viraj Chathuranga Muaj më parë
sleeksm4 Muaj më parë
Hello fello local
Frank castle
Frank castle Muaj më parë
Fast rhd cars are next to useless in lhd countries (and vice versa) overtaking is a nightmare unless you have a (trustworthy) friend in the passenger seat every time you go out.
WatchJRGo Muaj më parë
Haha, passing is super sketchy! Gotta hang the whole car out 😛
Trials and Tribulations
Trials and Tribulations Muaj më parë
I didn't know Harbor Freight Braun sold tires Lmao. Kinda like the joke Paul Walker said what is a better motor for my Skyline Gallo 12 or Gallo 24 Lmao. Congrats on buying Godzilla engine bay would look really nice clean with a wire tuck.
petes2feet Muaj më parë
This skyline is the bees knees
o0motorhead0o Muaj më parë
Holy shit the passenger air-vent isn't smashed!
Mario Fernando Rosales Reyes
Mario Fernando Rosales Reyes Muaj më parë
In USA, are the jdm RH legal to street drive?
A.J. W.
A.J. W. Muaj më parë
Absolutely beyond excited for this car on the channel man. Congratulations!!!
JohnnyNismo Muaj më parë
These cards have a trunk lockout that disables the inside latch. You have to open the trunk with a key and flip the switch that's by the trunk lock to enable the latch. It's a useful security feature to have in the United States.
solid snake
solid snake Muaj më parë
a homemade gtr but still great
neil oh rapsey
neil oh rapsey Muaj më parë
I drive 1999 ESCORT ZX2 here in the UK and it took some time to get used to siting on the left and driving on the left, but it's natural now.
Andrew Kay
Andrew Kay Muaj më parë
Finally a car with the steering wheel on the proper side 😂 🇬🇧
Mason AK
Mason AK Muaj më parë
Barum tire, haven't seen them for sale anywhere else than Discount Tire.
Terry Hesticles
Terry Hesticles Muaj më parë
"Want more Aztek content? Not gonna' find it here!"
jayzfor dayz
jayzfor dayz Muaj më parë
Those front tires suck had them on my Mazda speed shitty grip and they wear out fast!
Nathan Muaj më parë
I had Barum tires on my car for a bit to get a cheap all season tire and Discount Tire had them in stock in my size that day. Actually better than I expected. I bought them and put them on a spare set of wheels and ran them as my cold season tires for a couple year because I ran Summer tires in the warmer months and I found out they are a bit dangerous in the cold. I got tired of that and went all season after running through my second set of Summer tires.
Joel Ferreira
Joel Ferreira Muaj më parë
You just bought a piece of junk, it's falling apart bumper to bumper
ハリスMr Muaj më parë
The real JDM use RHD
Mikey Frisco
Mikey Frisco Muaj më parë
W A T C H J R 3 2
Tim Chapman
Tim Chapman Muaj më parë
Well get use to right hand drive it’s the way forward 😂
Gary Simonson
Gary Simonson Muaj më parë
front tires = Discount Tire. Barum Bravuris. The only tire whose brand name describes the sound it makes when it blows out.
MrButuz Muaj më parë
Nice debadge despoilered, reminds me of mine!! Yeh deffo change the wheels. Yuk even the standard 16s look way better!
New Vintage
New Vintage Muaj më parë
Hey JR go get your OG parts at croooober.com works with Upgarage.
Darrin Blackman
Darrin Blackman Muaj më parë
Dude....should have dropped a message when you were rolling through Flagstaff!!!!
Mockingdream Muaj më parë
So do you go through a drive thru backwards in cars like that?
Benjamin Sherry
Benjamin Sherry Muaj më parë
Those are r33 GTR seats FYI.
MassiveTrackHunter Muaj më parë
Guts. Parking that unicorn in hotel parking lots overnight. Hopefully word doesn't get around to the chopshops and car thieves.
Jim Dieseldawg
Jim Dieseldawg Muaj më parë
I can vouch for Barum Bravuris tyres; they even made my Mk2 (European) Ford Granada grippy and predictable 😁 Kinda similar to the OG Continental Sport Contact before tricksy compounds and intricate grooving took over
Mateusz Kowalski
Mateusz Kowalski Muaj më parë
WTF mate, Barum is a very good quality brand, not a "joke" lel
Blake Law
Blake Law Muaj më parë
JR, I jumped in a right hand drive, manual Toyota in Melbourne, Australia. The combination of shifting with my left hand and driving on the left side of the road had me going about 25 MPH just be sure I wasn't messing up. I'm sure you'll get the hang of the car in no time and be driving it at its potential.
0koudy Muaj më parë
Im suprised that this car have czech Barum Bravuris tires in US
X x
X x Muaj më parë
Nice full JDM
Nicholas F
Nicholas F Muaj më parë
I want that SRT4 ACR !
ProjectX TV
ProjectX TV Muaj më parë
really cool car! 90's Japanese cars are really fun however they always have something broken. nothing can touch the handling though. I have a twin turbo stealth and just awesome driving machines. I had a right hand drive veil-side fair-lady z twin turbo and had a hard time getting insurance so sold it , biggest regret.
Kellys Peppers
Kellys Peppers Muaj më parë
Yup, the way to go, real men don't need to read instructions. :)
Focus.Family Muaj më parë
Seeing how hacked up it is doesn’t surprise me that it’s cheap. Most people don’t want a roll cage and a janky center console setup.
Craig Smith
Craig Smith Muaj më parë
I saw one with really cool plaid inserts for the door panels and seat inserts, it was different and looked great.
NFS4LFE Muaj më parë
Ayyyy, finally got an R32 after saying you’ll get one!
Dazza as
Dazza as Muaj më parë
Those interior bits you talked about are common in New Zealand most of the R32 GTRs in the world are here aswell
Deathjam4 Muaj më parë
android stereo install for that dash ? it would fit
Bely Bob
Bely Bob Muaj më parë
Put a hydraulic assisted clutch on it!
willjam465 Muaj më parë
Anyone else slightly concerned with a fresh paint job? Wonder what sins it may be hiding. Love the R32, though. Looking forward to a restoration on this one.
Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson Muaj më parë
When the word Envy is just not enough
Kilium Earth
Kilium Earth Muaj më parë
Thomas LOBÉ
Thomas LOBÉ Muaj më parë
New awesome car bro :D
bryan cawte
bryan cawte Muaj më parë
used to watch your channel all the time now i flick by you used to rebuild old crap it was worth watching now you just the same as all the rest buying stuff like this a few videos on the rolls and camaro big workshop full of toys you wont even have this in a few weeks well done on your hard work with ALpost
Train Man
Train Man Muaj më parë
The Fiero is for sale again........... Used Kar Lot Fleet
Devin Keator
Devin Keator Muaj më parë
Tommyfyeah another youtuber specializes in these GTR's and similar gens, he is offering services soon to restore them, dry ice blasting underside etc. look into it!
Sean Artieri
Sean Artieri Muaj më parë
I wanna know what he paid for it?
John Johnston
John Johnston Muaj më parë
WatchDago Ross still loves to hear himself spew shit
Robert Boyer
Robert Boyer Muaj më parë
I learned to drive in a RHD in the UK. When I first drove in the US, I test drove a jeep at the dealer and scared the salesman to death when I immediately pulled out into the left lane. It's a learning curve, but you'll get there.
Steve Stephenson
Steve Stephenson Muaj më parë
Dude just finish one of the other many projects. I mean FFS some of us want to see the damn Camaro finished
Quý Trung
Quý Trung Muaj më parë
It’s alright
APJ Muaj më parë
That's "only" 600 more horsepower than my Japanese import. But mine has two more doors than yours!
Jonathan J.
Jonathan J. Muaj më parë
You might have yourself a racecar, JR
Joebiz24 Muaj më parë
Sweet ride. Congrats, watch JDMGo......
Test Tester
Test Tester Muaj më parë
Be careful - Montu Motors is known to sell rust buckets. Do a thorough inspection of the chassis.
KingofBS Muaj më parë
RB motors are notorious for the belts chirping on start up. It's a thing!
Douglas Muaj më parë
Am I the only person who appreciates the R33
Erik Roberts
Erik Roberts Muaj më parë
If I send you a 3d Scan tool. Can you scan all the rear plastic. I will give you copies with paint. It would be doing me a solid because I could replicate the originals for everyone that needs them.
Barry Shaw
Barry Shaw Muaj më parë
Next video what's all wrong with my new skyline
Nick Dowell
Nick Dowell Muaj më parë
Please keep it
David Torres
David Torres Muaj më parë
Really cool car JR
Travis Noseworthy
Travis Noseworthy Muaj më parë
Your now do not have the biggest automotive shop on youtube. Adamlz just bought a 26000 sq ft. Shop
slider2699 Muaj më parë
That is a long drive with no soundtrack.
Mike Romanage
Mike Romanage Muaj më parë
Right hand drive is a real challenge to drive in North America. Good luck. I had a JDM Integra Type R. Awesome car but Jesus, lane changes and turning was always fun with all the idiots on the road.
Brandon Demartile
Brandon Demartile Muaj më parë
this thing needs to be Tommy F Yeah spec
Mike's 84 Corvette
Mike's 84 Corvette Muaj më parë
I still miss the EXP.
D4 Muaj më parë
Unicorn 🦄
Hiroshi S.
Hiroshi S. Muaj më parë
So clean love it Congrats
duder280z Muaj më parë
Beautiful car, but those wheels are terrible! Lol
Phil Grimsey
Phil Grimsey Muaj më parë
Drove an R32 gtr a while back and that also had a knackered 4th synchro. Went like a 4wheeled motorcycle and so easy to drive...
Joe Dingman
Joe Dingman Muaj më parë
Massive fart can that's what Randy from AAR calls them....
noson 71
noson 71 Muaj më parë
Rodder Files
Rodder Files Muaj më parë
Spending alot of cash lately, Did you hit the Lotta or Sue your last employer for wrongful termination Dang, Livin Large Brotha, love the GTR i dunno if i could do the right Drive myself either lol
Blitz9994 Muaj më parë
Finally a car with the steering wheel on the correct side 😂👍
Jose Monroig
Jose Monroig Muaj më parë
Nice pick up but why jab at the gtst not everyone wants all wheel drive
Jose Monroig
Jose Monroig Muaj më parë
@WatchJRGo and when you ready to sell it HMU lol
Jose Monroig
Jose Monroig Muaj më parë
@WatchJRGo I hear you people going to hate no matter what. Awesome purchase 🍻
WatchJRGo Muaj më parë
Because people will come in the comments saying it's not real 🍻
Chris Dooley
Chris Dooley Muaj më parë
JR I’d love to see you tackle converting a Skyline to left hand drive. Apparently a company in the UAE does it too. That’d be an awesome series
Craig Simpson
Craig Simpson Muaj më parë
Brings back memories of Bathurst 1990, 91, 92
H Kakaletris
H Kakaletris Muaj më parë
Shout out Dan @ Terra Firma
D brandon
D brandon Muaj më parë
Nice SRT4 ACR in the background
D brandon
D brandon Muaj më parë
Those TIRES absolute GARBAGE
Paul Strain
Paul Strain Muaj më parë
Dumb question - on a right-hand drive car, are the clutch and gas pedals swapped around?
Brad Green
Brad Green Muaj më parë
Ha ha . No.
Afro Desiac
Afro Desiac Muaj më parë
The captions at the beginning. LoL. Sup jericho
E. 1981
E. 1981 Muaj më parë
Way too used to drive automatic 🤠
Stephen Maguth
Stephen Maguth Muaj më parë
No Fuckin Way
Doug Kojak
Doug Kojak Muaj më parë
PLATES expired in 2019, 1990 nissan, paid 35900 for it in december of 2017
KrazyIvanUSA Muaj më parë
Air filter hack - buy an air filter with a larger mouth and get a 1" length of radiator hose or other to fill the gap. = winning.
Abel Martinez
Abel Martinez Muaj më parë
2:24 😂😂😂😂 WITH A momo STEERING WHEEL
Hendrik Wagner
Hendrik Wagner Muaj më parë
Barum is a Continental brand, nothing too cheap at all. The Bravuris tyre is pretty good in handling, no matter if wet or dry. I got Barum tyres as winter tyres on my car, not the slightest problem whatsoever. Even pulled several other cars out of the ditch
Paolo Rozo
Paolo Rozo Muaj më parë
Escort Redline? Doesn’t Apple Maps do this already detailing where red lights are?
AREA RC-51 Muaj më parë
Rich Guy's junk car :D Go JR!
BrownSofa Gamer
BrownSofa Gamer Muaj më parë
I kind of like the way those AVS wheels look on the car, it sits nice.
gsppuffer Muaj më parë
JUST REPAINTED............hidden damage somewhere
Kraig Nadjkovic
Kraig Nadjkovic Muaj më parë
Fly out, drive back-Million Dollar Baby!