Harbor Freight Made A 24K GOLD RATCHET *And I Bought One*

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Why? I don't really have an answer for that... but it is pretty cool. After using the 24K gold plated Harbor Freight ratchet for a bit, it works very well. Also, it's gold.
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ExiledGarage 4 ditë më parë
I was just able to buy two of them in Miami
MassiveTrackHunter 17 ditë më parë
Found one. Hilarious!! Thanks for the idea! For emergency use only. Not for hooptie projects, which rules all my current vehicles out. XD
Joe Lopez
Joe Lopez 17 ditë më parë
not too expensive
Ferenc Erdei
Ferenc Erdei 17 ditë më parë
The gold will not stay very long. It should be galvanized and the gold would last longer. This is just a show tool.
77 Nizzova
77 Nizzova 19 ditë më parë
You got me!!!! I just went and bought 2 from my local harbor freight!!!! Gave my dad 1 as a gift!!!! Thanks for the info!!!
Thomas Passarelli
Thomas Passarelli 22 ditë më parë
What worse that HF made one, that someone bought and reviewed one! LOL
Josh Barba
Josh Barba 23 ditë më parë
The Icon tools are actually really nice. Especially at their price point.
Steve Wilmoth
Steve Wilmoth 23 ditë më parë
The lamest video he’s ever made. Skill Share should be pissed that he pimped their product on this. 🙄
Robert Williams
Robert Williams 24 ditë më parë
SnapON did make a gold plated ratchet.
John Carter
John Carter 24 ditë më parë
I have been using the non-bling versions of the Icon ratchets since they was released a couple years ago with no problems. None of mine are different to switch direction on. You might have gotten a bad one.
Edward Myers
Edward Myers 24 ditë më parë
I don't know why but I read the title as snap-on 24k gold rachet.... I guess I expected it to be made by a money scrounging company like them
Jari Koltuniak
Jari Koltuniak 25 ditë më parë
Snap on has had a gold plated ratchet. Obviously you don't know much about Snap on.
Virtual Vapes
Virtual Vapes 25 ditë më parë
I will be definitely be buying this one John Ross. Harbor Freight has it for "in store" only and not available til May 9th online. I typed it in on Amazon, and Amazon was like, "what?" LOL
Not J
Not J 25 ditë më parë
Yay, a ratchet with a dollar or less of gold plating on it.
DaddytechEnt 25 ditë më parë
*I TOLD YOU HOW YOU CAN MAKE YOUT T7 "SELF DRIVE" already, BOSA NOVA robotics makes a pilot program for those. a lot of Walmarts have them already*
Jonathan Vieira
Jonathan Vieira 25 ditë më parë
I love gold!
Don V.D.Borgh
Don V.D.Borgh 25 ditë më parë
You should convert the floor sweeper to a self driving cleaning unit like the vacuume cleaner, or your lawnmower. Put sensors or GPS on it. It can clean when your not there. Always come to a clean shop. Be cool! 👍👍
stone mason
stone mason 25 ditë më parë
Craftsman is no longer US made.
dposer10 25 ditë më parë
Crap-on is made in china too, or some other third world place.
jack nimble
jack nimble 25 ditë më parë
I don't buy anything from Harbor freight but I just bought a brand new set of Matco torx sockets and on the bottom it said made in Taiwan. Not impressed. I am going to be a little more weary when buying new snap on and matco stuff from now on.
James Cutler
James Cutler 25 ditë më parë
I bought one just because.
Geoff Dankert
Geoff Dankert 25 ditë më parë
Great to see you guys clowning around on main ... super fun!
Robert Lee
Robert Lee 26 ditë më parë
The Man with the Golden Tool.
AP 26 ditë më parë
I'm getting one of these ratchets so I can flex on all my tool-loving friends.
Daniel Bryson
Daniel Bryson 26 ditë më parë
Princess auto also has gold plated ratchets, then again its like the harbor freight of canada but seems a bit better lol
Million Miler
Million Miler 26 ditë më parë
This is titled just like a Scotty Kilmer video
Michael Porter
Michael Porter 26 ditë më parë
I have a 3/8 extra long snap on ratchet that has lasted literally for decades I doubt the Harbor Freight Icon will last anywhere near that long. I do really like actually using the gold plated ratchet.
Isaac Reynolds
Isaac Reynolds 26 ditë më parë
well hate to burst your bubble but I've got a gold snap-on ratchet...
Isaac Haro
Isaac Haro 26 ditë më parë
There's always going to be ball busters. Just remember it's your new tool and enjoy it.
virtualdent 26 ditë më parë
JR be carefull don't expose it to direct sun light
Uncle Toby
Uncle Toby 26 ditë më parë
I bet it’s made in china.
Uncle Toby
Uncle Toby 26 ditë më parë
I bet it’s just plated.
Ben Ortiz
Ben Ortiz 26 ditë më parë
its not called harbor freight its called hobo freight lol you have the best chanel on youtube your awsome!!!!!
D4 26 ditë më parë
Hilarious 😂.... I want '' bring me the gold ratchet as my text notifications '' 💪😎. Its fresh it lts new its gold 😁
Bill Hartsfield
Bill Hartsfield 26 ditë më parë
Open it up and pack with white lithium grease and it will work smooth and quiet and last forever ! Good find !
Stephen Layland
Stephen Layland 26 ditë më parë
Go accent with a black set of sockets and xtnsns. Available in Pittsburgh brand, an insult to Steelers fans nationwide.
Fuse 26 ditë më parë
It's killing me (with comedy) that you re actually using it!
Rick Beaver
Rick Beaver 26 ditë më parë
Steven Vanes
Steven Vanes 26 ditë më parë
Why buy a ratchet when you only use battery tools?
Aaron Oosterhoff
Aaron Oosterhoff 26 ditë më parë
the gold will come off tho I would just leave it on your desk or something
Show Me What I Need To Know
Show Me What I Need To Know 26 ditë më parë
James Scott
James Scott 26 ditë më parë
We should all just overload Harbor Freight's email to get their attention for JR...
Nick Hannaford
Nick Hannaford 26 ditë më parë
Just as long as we don’t have any nasty smelting accidents with the gold ratchet......😂
philip cheal
philip cheal 26 ditë më parë
snap on did the 95 year f80xcv gold ratchet
Buddy Revell
Buddy Revell 26 ditë më parë
"packed with grease, or poor machining" yup! Probably both!
James Conley
James Conley 26 ditë më parë
I just wanna toss out there that Tekton has a 90 tooth 3/8 that is amazing for $32...
Michael 26 ditë më parë
Golden Pneumatic Impact Wrench
DundaBluebone 26 ditë më parë
if the 10mm isnt gold plated, i'm not impressed.
TheOzarkWizard 26 ditë më parë
Harbor freight is just as American as craftsman nowadays
Ginger The Plane
Ginger The Plane 26 ditë më parë
Steel Rail Garage - love hearing the trains in the background!
JP 74
JP 74 26 ditë më parë
Scratch resistant😁
G G 26 ditë më parë
I suspect that you voided the "lifetime warranty" when you used it, on video no less, as a hammer.
Jakelovesphoto -Jake Fleming-
Jakelovesphoto -Jake Fleming- 26 ditë më parë
Gooooooolld RAAACHET It’s the tool, the tool with the PLATED SHELLLL
Zacharia Zuehlke
Zacharia Zuehlke 26 ditë më parë
Aw man those scrubbers look so fast. I had a buddy that would slide one around corners at top speed at one of my first jobs which was hilarious to watch lmfao. You gotta show the boys how to lay a good skid down in that thing jr!
Brian Gray
Brian Gray 26 ditë më parë
you can gold plate a turd.
Jim Branham
Jim Branham 26 ditë më parë
The things people do for money, and with money is getting pretty bad. A gold plated ratchet just annoys me on principle.
sleepyhollow783 26 ditë më parë
Perfect ratchet for working on Rolls Royce.
Atoool K
Atoool K 26 ditë më parë
Bringggggg me the gold ratchet!!!!!
Atoool K
Atoool K 26 ditë më parë
Whoa great present to get the Wizard 🤣
Steve Murphy
Steve Murphy 26 ditë më parë
The obvious question has to be ..............Why?
Gary Fry
Gary Fry 26 ditë më parë
For anyone who has spent years working with tools: this is cool. Had to have one! Went online and ordered. Big thanks for the heads up. G.
George Drake
George Drake 26 ditë më parë
They been out for years defiance companies do it I got one from Canadian tire for 25 bucks
Wilson Laidlaw
Wilson Laidlaw 27 ditë më parë
Consider yourselves lucky in the USA with the Snap on at $121. In the UK the gold Snap-on 3/8" ratchet is £200!
trssho91 27 ditë më parë
I was just thinking.....what's the big deal, my snap on is like 3 times that price.... Then you said it. :)
Nathan Weigl
Nathan Weigl 27 ditë më parë
"Must be packed with grease or....poor machining" 🤣
LetTheWookieWin 27 ditë më parë
"copyright infringement" comes to mind 😂😂
Quad Vloggs
Quad Vloggs 27 ditë më parë
I want to see some gold testing to believe its real gold lol
Baldur M.
Baldur M. 27 ditë më parë
Now you just need a matching set of gold drive sockets
Dent Masters of NY Michael
Dent Masters of NY Michael 27 ditë më parë
I like the Teton ratchets they are 90 tooth and very good quality and reasonably priced.
Dent Masters of NY Michael
Dent Masters of NY Michael 27 ditë më parë
I meant the Tekton ratchets
andy robinson
andy robinson 27 ditë më parë
When you say "I'm Watch JR Go" aren't you just JR?
Lucas Xavier
Lucas Xavier 27 ditë më parë
You know you’ve made it into ALpost stardom when your ratchet is made of gold
eXMytheral 27 ditë më parë
Found one at one of my local harbor freights... I bought it.
Stephen Maguire
Stephen Maguire 27 ditë më parë
Is there a uk version of icon tools ?
Danny Compton
Danny Compton 27 ditë më parë
You need a specials sound clip every time you bust it out.
John Strickland
John Strickland 27 ditë më parë
The joke is lost on so many people.
ddfred2u 27 ditë më parë
For locals, none available in Wichita, but the Harbor Freight web site shows in stock in Hutch. Probably only one though.
Sal Christiano
Sal Christiano 27 ditë më parë
sometimes you just gotta have a good laugh. open it and grease it.... every ratchet I have bought in the past 10 years needed lube.
Bob theGrape
Bob theGrape 27 ditë më parë
Harbour Freight didn't make the rat-$hit it was made by some child that was forced to work in the rat-$hit factory or by a political prisoner in the worker's paradise of the People's Republic of China, and they are screwing the American companies that don't have the use of child/slave labor! I see no humor in your purchase! Just my opinion, you do what you want.
Jim Colangelo
Jim Colangelo 27 ditë më parë
I bought it. I'm a sucker. I love gold.
Perry Twisdale
Perry Twisdale 27 ditë më parë
"Give it to da fascher!" (Fath-er! Fath-er!!)
Brent Crude
Brent Crude 27 ditë më parë
Gold is a store of value. You didn’t so much buy a ratchet as you insured forty four dollars of your hard earned wealth against the hidden tax of inflation. What with the present rate of currency creation, over time, those forty four fiat dollars will lose a substantial percentage of their purchasing power; while the gold on that ratchet will maintain the value of your 44 dollar investment. And as an added bonus: the gold is in the form of a tool that you’ll be using to generate more wealth. Gold Plated Tools = a win/win I think you’re on to something, JR.
John Asbury
John Asbury 27 ditë më parë
Ok you have to much money 😂😂😂😂
John's Garage
John's Garage 27 ditë më parë
They did make a gold snap on f80 ratchet
Tyler Wilson
Tyler Wilson 27 ditë më parë
Try not to support China and their forced labor if you can. There’s a reason their prices are cheaper.
Richard Farmer
Richard Farmer 27 ditë më parë
Anyone else think JR wanted to be a fireman when he was a kid?
Adal Martinez
Adal Martinez 27 ditë më parë
I checked the Orlando stores online they all are in stock not even worth driving to the Store for that
Car335 27 ditë më parë
I got my doge ratchet on order 🚀
ProjectZGarage 27 ditë më parë
Jack Walker
Jack Walker 27 ditë më parë
Snap on did make a golden ratchet!!! Many years ago they released a special edition anniversary ratchet. I saw one on eBay the other day.
upside downdog
upside downdog 27 ditë më parë
Only the retarded kids in school would buy a gold ratchet. If it's real gold, it may have some antiseptic qualities.
Nelson Cortez
Nelson Cortez 27 ditë më parë
Play the 007 “GOLDFINGER” song next time u use it 😂
Paul Giardino
Paul Giardino 27 ditë më parë
Harbor Freight and high end are never used in the same sentence.
aaron71 27 ditë më parë
My wife (gf at the time) back in high school bought me a 24kt gold plated Craftsman 3/8" ratchet. Still have that in the box on my shop wall!
Jason W
Jason W 27 ditë më parë
‘Onto using it as a hammer’ ... damn.. hehe
Seth Huber
Seth Huber 27 ditë më parë
Gotta love harbor freight
redline19841 27 ditë më parë
This is funny, but the made in China narrative bis a little silly considering Craftsman makes 90% of their tools in China these days. That 120 tooth was made in Taiwan, and they make you dig for that nugget of info.
Dynamic Mobile Detailing & Audio
Dynamic Mobile Detailing & Audio 27 ditë më parë
Snap on makes a gold ratchet
wizzard game
wizzard game 27 ditë më parë
bruh do a ls swap with it!
Smarternu 27 ditë më parë
So your going for the FULL "Rapper Grill" tool set?? -Bra bust a ryme bout them tootlies
bgtx 27 ditë më parë
That ratchet popped up in my insta feed as an ad yesterday. I thought it was a joke so I didn’t click it. Oh harbor freight.
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