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I bought a 1977 Mack CF-600 from the Arcadia, KS fire department for $3,000. The Federal Q2 mechanical siren on it hasn't worked in at least 20 years. Today we're going to bring it back to life. I'm sure all fire truck aficionados will agree that the Q2 has to be there whether it's the mechanical or electronic version, it's just the classic fire truck sound. There are no diagrams for this thing but there is an install guide for the siren that's still in production today. We're gonna hop right in and start troubleshooting.
Foot Switch:
F-250 Batteries:
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Linder 822
Linder 822 3 ditë më parë
Sorry but it’s Q2B
collin341 5 ditë më parë
So uh when we getting an update?
Brant Fauth
Brant Fauth 9 ditë më parë
You have to turn on the truck for the wheel horn to work
Brant Fauth
Brant Fauth 9 ditë më parë
I curentaly am a fire fighter for station 42 and we have a 1919 old timer that needs brakes installed
12 ditë më parë
Love see this, want to see more
T Barrett
T Barrett 17 ditë më parë
That switch on the drivers side floor is more than likely your high beam switch.
Jason King
Jason King 20 ditë më parë
Ford use to use a foot switch for highbeam lights
Dixie May
Dixie May 21 ditë më parë
The foot switch was primarily the high beam switch on older cars and few were for secondary horn from steering wheel.
va3xj 21 ditë më parë
Outstanding! Sounds beautiful! That would have been the first thing I fixed too 👍🏻
veggiepowered 21 ditë më parë
I'am Your Newest Subscriber Great Windows
Justin Gage
Justin Gage 22 ditë më parë
The driver is the engineer the passenger seat is the officer
RDC_Autosports 22 ditë më parë
that’s my favorite siren
Chef McToast Emergency Photography
Chef McToast Emergency Photography 22 ditë më parë
I’m a huge fire truck fanatic and I say... AWESOME VIDEO MAN KEEP IT UP!
nmfdchris 24 ditë më parë
That foot switch by the driver floorboard should be your high low beam switch
Joshua Whittle212
Joshua Whittle212 25 ditë më parë
You should buy a water hose 1 and a half inch
Walt Jenuwine
Walt Jenuwine 25 ditë më parë
The siren horn switch is for the driver to be able to run Q from horn button on steering wheel or standard horn
Walt Jenuwine
Walt Jenuwine 25 ditë më parë
I had a Q for sale for $ 500. , people drove me crazy for it. I had to delete post.
John James
John James 25 ditë më parë
Seat layout. Driver is the engineer or chauffeur, passenger side front is the Officer . Rear jump seats are firefighters. Good luck with the truck really cool
Karl VS
Karl VS 26 ditë më parë
"Bullwinkle The Fearless Firemoose" from my childhood Golden Book story would certainly be very proud of you!
Oscar Scott
Oscar Scott 28 ditë më parë
Sherman Hatch
Sherman Hatch 28 ditë më parë
I agree the q brake should be used when arriving on scene!
John McMickle
John McMickle 28 ditë më parë
With most departments the front passenger seat is where the company officer (Captain or Lieutenant) rides. The driver is also the engineer.
Christopher Cotton
Christopher Cotton 29 ditë më parë
Imagine having a privately owned retired fire engine 🚒 in a high risk danger prone brush/wild fire 🔥 area. That would make you the neighborhood’s BFF for life!!
Fire Walker
Fire Walker 29 ditë më parë
It’s not a fire truck unless there’s a Q on it. Something about winding that sweet heart up tighter then a snare drum at 2 am right through town. Damn near makes your dick move.
Turner Allen
Turner Allen Muaj më parë
Passenger switch is a siren it so the driver doesn’t have to hit the sirens in downtown or anywhere we’re there is a lot of cars
coyle atkinson
coyle atkinson Muaj më parë
lets see you operate the pump and flow some water,
jim collier
jim collier Muaj më parë
Dylan Driscoll
Dylan Driscoll Muaj më parë
I was not expecting that mother to be that big At least you do not need to buy a $2,500 Siren
MulletMan05 Muaj më parë
Usally if you look at the floor of the truck in the front there is a foot pedal to a I ate the Q. It can be on both sides of the truck or just one side
Lemon_to_go Muaj më parë
Didn't know fire trucks had complex systems like this. It's almost like an airplane.
Joel Sägesser
Joel Sägesser Muaj më parë
*minor detail, but you referred to the passenger side as the engineer side, but that's actually the officer's side. The engineer is the guy that drives the truck, so the driver's side is the engineer's side*
cory collier
cory collier Muaj më parë
A happy Q is a screaming Q ;)
Memphisdoug Muaj më parë
The RH front seat is the Officer seat. The Engineer is the guy driving the engine.
papa bits
papa bits Muaj më parë
That was just tits!
Maxwell Clark
Maxwell Clark Muaj më parë
Q’s are indeed loud, a fully pinned Q can be heard up to a mile away
Jack Thoreson
Jack Thoreson Muaj më parë
The engineer is the driver of the engine. Captain is company officer that sits in passenger seat.
Danielle Buehner
Danielle Buehner Muaj më parë
I am wondering if you drive the truck it should activated when its in transit ever tried that I know some mechanical sirens operate by a mechanical drive
Jim Bishop
Jim Bishop Muaj më parë
The floor switch on either side is all that works it follow foot switch wires to the large solenoid those switches open it and send power to que I've never seen a broken que in my 28 years of service
TacosPotatoes Muaj më parë
You better flow some water with that thing. And not with the little dinky hose roll. Atleast get a 1 3/4 or 2 1/2 on it
zimmelbot1 Muaj më parë
That Rolls-Royce in the driveway is extremely tasteful. You might need the fire truck when the neighbors try and set your house on fire.
zimmelbot1 Muaj më parë
Now you know why they use electronic sirens.
Dain Crumley
Dain Crumley Muaj më parë
I think the foot switch on the left is high and low headlights.
buzman1985 Muaj më parë
The engineer is the driver bruh. The passenger side is where the Captain sits.
razrramonel4077 Muaj më parë
The left hand side is for the engineer or higher officers (lieutenants and/or captains or even the chief engineer), the passenger side is strictly the officers seat (shotgun).
Patrick Casey
Patrick Casey Muaj më parë
Great video, point information. In my experience driver side = engineers side, passenger side= officer side.
Sean Conlin
Sean Conlin Muaj më parë
Just an fyi the driver side is the engineer the passenger side is the Officer side
shamrock1961 Muaj më parë
Passenger seat is where an officer sits. Engineer is the driver and operator.
Tony De Leo
Tony De Leo Muaj më parë
The solenoid for the siren is always the first thing to go.
Tony De Leo
Tony De Leo Muaj më parë
Right side is not engineer's, it is fir the officer. The clicking is the wig-wag for the alternating flashing lights.
Trump Grass
Trump Grass Muaj më parë
Fix those air leaks. That’s a major problem.
neekoadler Muaj më parë
Just info, most all fire apparatus has ground activating solenoids. So please careful so you do not short anything out. I have been working on fire equipment for over 20 years. Nice truck.
Grumpy Old B*stard
Grumpy Old B*stard Muaj më parë
I learned how to operate the pump and valves (basic engineering), on a truck almost identical to that. Ours wasn't a 4 door. Open rear jump cab. Man those were the days
Patrick Murphy
Patrick Murphy Muaj më parë
I love a good siren!! Great video.
Rattlecan Restorations
Rattlecan Restorations Muaj më parë
left side large is 12 hot. right is hot out. The first little is a 12-volt switch to the right power lug. left is ground
Alexander’s Alarms
Alexander’s Alarms Muaj më parë
the Q should only be like 1k
game every day gamer
game every day gamer Muaj më parë
The funny thing is that the siren switch is the same as the starter switch for a ford 9n
MassiveTrackHunter Muaj më parë
Isn't that the old highbeam foot-switch in all the cars older than about 1972? Had one in an old truck, and a couple of cars from my teens. Cool to see.
Menno Frankfort
Menno Frankfort Muaj më parë
Great footage. Thanks . Greetings from the Netherlands
jsmith198095 Muaj më parë
Love me some good ol q sirens!!! Use it the next time a tornado warning goes out and help alert your neighhors
Richlands_FireBuff Muaj më parë
Q2B to be exact. They make a beautiful noise.
Helmer van Greven
Helmer van Greven Muaj më parë
The best sirene ever
Firefighter #85
Firefighter #85 Muaj më parë
Try having your Emergancy master on. Some trucks you need to have the emergency master on to activate the Q.
reelreeler Muaj më parë
The Engineer drives the truck....the passenger side front seat is for the company officer, usually a Captain or Lieutenant.
roadwolf2 Muaj më parë
I would of ordered two foot switches and replaced both at the same time
basball1000 Muaj më parë
Make sure you follow all road laws. Don’t do anything your not supposed to do.
basball1000 Muaj më parë
3:50 that’s the officers side. The engineers side is the driver. Just a heads up
Tired old mechanic
Tired old mechanic Muaj më parë
That air Chamber is a Bendix Rotochamber. They are expensive. $600 to $1,100 depending on the size. All you need is a 10mm to change the batteries in your truck but the 10mm are always the tools that are missing.
Nathan Gustafson
Nathan Gustafson Muaj më parë
Cool to see it has a gold bulldog! That means it has a mack motor and drivetrain
Mark Wolf
Mark Wolf Muaj më parë
Old 70 f150 Highbeam foot switch :P
Kris Yorker
Kris Yorker Muaj më parë
Thats a cool truck
Jambo Muaj më parë
Hey there, just so you know - Engineer's side is the Driver side (engineer for the truck and pump) and the Officer's side is the Passenger side (referring to the fire officer, like a Captain or Lieutenant, who would ride shotgun)
Jim Willoughby
Jim Willoughby 24 ditë më parë
Jambo, I was going to say the same thing, but I decided to check comments first just in case. I'm a retired FF from Massachusetts so I know you are correct.
OMGWTFLOL Muaj më parë
Don't care. Where's the Corvette?
Colefinney 1234
Colefinney 1234 Muaj më parë
Can you drive that in public
Nutzername1273 Muaj më parë
I like how you methodically tested until you found the problem. It shows you have a very clear understanding of how far electrics work. Respect! :)
n3lee Muaj më parë
Chauffeur/engineer (driver) and officer (passenger) seat. The rear seats are often referred to as jump seats or backstep seats.
Happy Commentator
Happy Commentator 17 ditë më parë
In my old fire dept days, if you drove an engine, you were called a Wagon Driver. The officer seat was called "The Seat" and the jump seats were called "The Buckets". My favorite spots to ride were in the buckets as nozzleman on the wagon and ,"hook and can" on the truck. Also loved being a Wagon and Squad Wagon Driver. 👍🇺🇸
Jmonster68 Muaj më parë
The right seat it the captain the EO is the driver
Dave Muaj më parë
Being a 70s vehicle, I'd expect the latching floor switch to be the headlight dimmer.
Ss010101 Muaj më parë
In this episode, JR gets irreversible hearing damage.
Blake Kurtz
Blake Kurtz Muaj më parë
Only clicked on this video to see the Aztek 👍
Big John Fury
Big John Fury Muaj më parë
*listen I watch videos of federal sirens on YT* *The creepiest is the hearses with wt holy f😂*
Big John Fury
Big John Fury Muaj më parë
@alvon911 *listen if you fall off your skateboard hot footin it to O'Reilly's and bump ya head and granny calls for a ambo and a morgue mobile turns up its kinda creepy* *Listen it's actually creepy as it gets and way creepier than a creeper van with a Jeffery Dahmer at the wheel*
alvon911 Muaj më parë
Many hearses are combination coaches also used as an ambulance
Mike B
Mike B Muaj më parë
All this dbag says is the words "mine, my, i got, i have, i bought" in every POS video. This dbag is the epitome of what a dbag is by definition
911ep500 Muaj më parë
And that was spun all the way out lol
911ep500 Muaj më parë
Qs don't need no brakes. I like my Qs like i like my chickens lol. You should know when and where to let off a Q before being on scene lol
Keeping It Keith
Keeping It Keith Muaj më parë
Damn bro. You don't want to be in front of that thing full tone inside like that.
dahinsoncoj Muaj më parë
***FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY*** JR- your purchase of a motorized fire apparatus referred to as a "firetruck" is incorrect and inappropriate. What you purchased as surplus from a fire department is known as an "Engine." There are multiple reasons for this designation from several organizations within the industry. The reason for type and classification are required for a multitude of reasons involving insurance rates for private and business fire insurance premiums without going into the Insurance Serices Office(ISO) that rate fire department classifications from 1 thru 10. This determines the amount of your home or business insurance premiums. The National Fire Protection Association(NFPA) determines the standards for all motorized fire apparatus that includes engine, pump, water tank, equipment required(hose, ladders, hand tools, etc) in addition to emergency warning devices and safety equipment. For this reason, apparatus are designated in the following categories, - Engine and Type 1, 2. 3 ,4 for reside till, business, vehicles trash and so on. For specialized needs such as wildland fires and the such.The Engine is the basic vehicle apparatus of the Fire Service globally. It is the workhorse and usually the first apparatus sent on calls for service, only surpassed by ambulances. - Ladder: this includes any apparatus that has a permanent aerial ladder, force able entry tools, salvage & overhaul equipment such as tarps, tubs, rope(s) and the such. This class can include snorkel or basket type vehicles - Tanker or Water Tender: the ability to carry, offload, transfer or pump 2500 gallons of water to a fire scene, either directly to an Engine, holding dump tank or relay pumping. Brush/Woods Truck- A specialized apparatus utilized for minor brush or large urban wildland fires or conflagration. These apparatus also are type and classified for usually local ground terrain such as forest, hills, mountains, swamps, etc. -Ambulance: a specialized apparatus capable of transporting 2 immobilized stretcher patients. Also commonly known as Rescue. MED, Medic units and so on according to local jurisdiction. They all meet the minimum requirement as established by the U.S Department of Trasportation and Highway Safety. CRASH(ARFF) are specialized airport apparatus used in Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting. These vehicles are designed to be operated by one firefighter most commonly known as a driver chauffer, engineer or operator depending on local preference. These vehicles have all wheel drive, are self sufficient in having the ability to project multiple fire suppression agents such as dry chem, PPK, AFFF foam, water independently from multiple nozzles or singularly. They have FLIR Infrared cameras, under carriage nozzle and telescoping articulating arms for above and below grade apication and penathelps. This specialized apparatus has it specifications set by the Federal Aviation Administration(FAA) and NFPA. In addition, FEMA requires for Incident Management(IMT) that vehicles have standardized nomenclature for large scale incidents to establish Strike Teams and Task Forces in developing tactics for used in planning.These type and classification are necessary for order placement of necessary requested equipment and reimbursement for same and associated cost. A firetruck is what children play with on Christmas as a valued gift.. An Engine is what you purchased. Hope this helps. As always please overlook any typos, Thx!
tom wilkeson
tom wilkeson Muaj më parë
In fire truck speak the engineer is the driver who also operates the pump when they get to the fire. The front passenger seat is reserved for the officer/highest ranking firefighter who will command/manage the other firefighters on the truck.
Paul Watts
Paul Watts Muaj më parë
Congratulations on the content, nobody works as hard as JR, should be a million by now..but it will be Go JR Go
GEAUX FRUGAL Muaj më parë
Really cool that you're training people to trouble shoot their work.
watahyahknow Muaj më parë
once you replaced the batteries check the charging current , could be the alternator is overcharging the batteries
tennyson james
tennyson james Muaj më parë
you carrried two truck batteries from the parts store to your house on the boosted board?? props to you man! those shits are heavy
spuwho Muaj më parë
The foot switch is probably a Motorcraft (Ford). Used on 70-78 Panthers, F-Series, briefly on some Fox bodies until around 1978-79 model year for high beam activation. Ford started moving over to the European style turn signal stalk forward pull and stopped using the foot switch. As the carpets in the Panthers got more plush, especially on the Lincolns, the foot switches were getting carpet fibers and floor mats caught up in them all the time. I am not surprised one bit that O'Reilly's carries these in stock.
tctwg1 Muaj më parë
Ditch Federal go with Whelen.
Bort Simpson
Bort Simpson Muaj më parë
get a quote from carmax
Bob Keenan
Bob Keenan Muaj më parë
As someone whose knowledge of cars is pretty much limited to turning the ignition switch to "on", watching WatchJRGo is car-porn at its finest! I'm also invested in seeing this new mega-shop come together week by week! Endlessly fascinating!
randy clark
randy clark Muaj më parë
Replace floor switches
truck2041 Muaj më parë
That style foot switch was also used for high low head lights
mb houtex
mb houtex Muaj më parë
@WatchJRGO, I'm late, but still... get battery washers, coat the bottom of the terminals with dielectric grease, mount them, then slather those terminals in that grease. That nasty sided battery was grounding itself out on the dirt on the top, causing the other battery to 'charge' it and killing them both. Terminal slathering will keep that from being a thing. Source: S197 Ford Mustang battery issues that I solved this exact way. Used to kill batteries all the time. Common issue. Clean, washered, and greased, problems solved. For what my opinion's worth on it.
Andrew Thomason
Andrew Thomason Muaj më parë
I wonder how much more the selling FD could have gotten for that thing if they had just replaced that $20 switch?
The Batteries
The Batteries Muaj më parë
So many satisfying things in this video!
Combat Medic
Combat Medic Muaj më parë
What kind of driver license do you have to be street legal on the highway?
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